Ten years ago the DC Animated Universe was launched and we as fans would never be the same. Heralded for a long, long time as the one thing DC had over Marvel in the battle for comic-dom, the animated movies were aimed towards the adult viewer and have been mostly kick ass. The very first movie produced was Superman: Doomsday but it was an altered version of the Death of Superman story and did not follow the classic comic book arc properly. In 2018 DC will fix that. The company plans to launch two two separate films that will “faithfully” adapt The Death and Return of Superman event that rocked the comic world in the 90’s. Death of Superman will be released in 2018 with Reign of the Supermen following in 2019. It will be interesting to see what supporting characters will appear and which timeline they will set the movies in, but not many other details outside of the announcement were revealed. So keep it tooned to DFAT for updates as they come in!