This month is a special month in regards to‘s Club Infinite Earths. Not only did I receive this AWESOME Larfleeze action figure, and now we are only one character, in the form of Indigo-1, away from completing the “Lantern Leaders“, but we also got our club EXCLUSIVE figure. My review of Monsieur Mallah is coming within a day or two, but first up is Larfleeze, who I will be keeping my extra figure of cuz I’m greedy like he is.

LarfleezeBillions of years ago, Larfleeze (also known as Agent Orange to those who wield power from the emotional spectrum) belonged to a small guild of thieves which stole a number of artifacts from the planet Maltus, including a mysterious box supposedly worth an entire star system to the right buyer. In retaliation, the Guardians of the Universe sent their Manhunters to pursue them. Those that escaped discovered a map belonging to the Guardian Krona that told of treasure. The guild followed the map into the Vega System to the planet Okaara. There they discovered a temple, inside of which was a Power Battery containing the orange light of avarice. Feeling its power “speak” to them, the criminals fought amongst themselves for it. Eventually the Guardians and their Manhunters found them, however, because of its proximity to Larfleeze and the others, the Guardians could not get within reaching distance of the box.

The Guardians and Manhunters who tried were incinerated by the Orange Light of Avarice. Fearing the power of the orange light, the Guardians offered the two surviving guild members (Larfleeze and Turpa) a deal: in exchange for the mysterious box, the Guardians would trade the orange light with two additional conditions. First, as long as the orange light remained within the Vega system, the Guardians would agree not to interfere with it. Then secondly, for the safety of others, only one of the two thieves would be allowed to keep the orange light for themselves. Larfleeze explained that the Guardians were desperate to get the box back because it contained the fear entity Parallax. Agreeing to these terms, the two guild members fought to the death for the right to own the orange light, and Larfleeze emerged victorious.

Larfleeze is one of my favorite Lantern characters that was introduced around the time of pre-Blackest Night. Funny thing is that we got the Orange Lantern Lex Luthor before we even saw this guy come about. I remember a year or so ago when he was up for pre-order on a lot of the toy sites as part of the short lived All-Stars collection, but was taken down all of a sudden, which royally pissed me off! I hoped and hoped that he would get the CIE treatment and when the 2013 line-up was announced I jumped for joy knowing that he would get the production that he deserved. The Four Horseman do not disappoint.

The standard Matty Signature Series packaging is here with the always spectacular character box art by Mike Thompson. In the box, the figure looks great and this is really something I appreciate about Matty, even when they were releasing the final waves of DCUC. Larfleeze of course comes packed with his Orange Lantern, its kinda disappointing we don’t get an accessory in the form of his construct Glomulus

 Larfleeze 5

Larfleeze has the standard “skinny” male body which works great for his look, since he is a naturally skinny creature, along with some reissued forearms. But his hands, torso, and upper arms all are originally designed beautifully for the character. The raised shoulders with the Orange Lantern symbols fit really nice and create a great look that mashes well with the raised chest look. Larfleeze’s head sculpt is top notch, his snarl is captured beautifully and his “hair” is nicely represented in a soft plastic. There is something to say when it comes to club figures and the care that goes into the look of the figures.

Larfleeze 7

In terms of articulation there isn’t anything too special here. All of your basics are here: hinged ankles, hinged knees, swivel thighs, H-hips, swivel waist, hinged torso, swivel/hinged wrists, double-hinged elbows, swivel/hinge shoulders, and a balljointed head. Crazy enough the figure is missing the bicep joint. This makes moving his arms very awkward and actually cuts down on a lot of poses. Does he still have the ability to hug his lantern in pure greed? Yes. So depending on what kind of collector or displayer you are this can affect you either way.

Larfleeze 1

I am more that happy with the great paint job applied to Larfleeze. The orange and black contrast works great together and he has really clean lines. The shading on all of the orange parts is very well done and his facial features really stand out! I am one of those collectors that really like the matte look that Mattel gives to its Lantern figures. This of course is in contrast to the previous figures that DC Direct/Collectibles have been releasing with the more metallic “armored” look.

Larfleeze 3

Ultimately I am very pleased with this figure. Collectors will gripe about the minor details, but I think we are pretty lucky that we are getting Larfleeze in the DCUC series, especially in a club that is supposed to feature classic characters. I’m still holding out hope for Indigo-1, and I believe that Matty and the Four Horsemen may throw us a bone, especially since they are big advocates of team building. I give Larfleeze an 4.5 outta 5 stars, I’m taking away some points due to the fact that I think his arms could have been a little longer and the lack of Glomulus who is pretty standard in appearance with Larfleeze. But other than that a great job on what is presented, and another great addition to my shelf!

Next up, club exclusive Monsieur Mallah! Larfleeze is unfortunately sold out to the general public, you really have to be there day one of the sale to catch these guys. BUT until April 30th, has re-opened their subscriptions to the public. Of couse you will only receive future monthly figures but it does mean you won’t miss out on them either! Remember Wally West Flash is coming, along with Fire and also Red Hood (Classic). PLUS 3 unannounced figures! So get on it today, get your collection going again!

Stay tooned 😛