Late is ALWAYS better than never! I have to apologize Towelites for being so busy in March and not getting to my review of the DC Universe Classics Club Infinite Earths, Elongated Man. I didn’t want to let good ‘ol Ralph Dibney just sit on my shelf without a proper look over, so it’s time to share my opinion on this MORE than overdue figure!


As a teenager, Ralph Dibny was fascinated by contortionists, or people who displayed feats of agility and suppleness. He learned that all of the body-benders he spoke with drank a popular soda called “Gingold.” Ralph set to work learning chemistry and developed a super-concentrated extract of the rare “gingo” fruit of the Yucatan, which gave him his elasticity. In his first appearance, the Flash suspects the Elongated Man is behind several crimes, but the Elongated Man helps capture the criminals, who reveal they used a helicopter to frame him. Ralph Dibny was one of the earliest Silver Age DC heroes to reveal his secret identity to the public, and also one of the first to marry his love interest. After teaming up with several other superheroes like Batman, Green Lantern, the Atom, Zatanna and the Justice League of America, he became a member of the team.

Ralph is one of the most beloved members of the Justice League and one of the most fan-demanded figures for the club, and now collectors have one more figure to add to their “team builds”!  Elongated Man is featured in his 1985 “Satellite Era” JLA uniform and features a swappable “elastic” arm and hand, along with his handy-dandy magnifying glass, WHICH ACTUALLY WORKS!!

Elongated Man 1

Elongated Man 2

Simple yet well put together, Elongated Man’s paint job is pretty dynamic with the only problem being not so clean lines of black on his uniform, something you can only notice if you look for it. Articulation is pretty standard for the DCUC line, and allow for numerous fun and interesting poses. Again I have to mention how much fun it is to take pictures in which you can see his enlarged eye through the magnifying glass! I guess we could have received a few more accessories to help show off his “elongatedness”, kinda like DCUC went crazy with Plastic Man but hey I’m not going to complain, it’s less that I have to keep track of!!

Elongated Man 3

Sculpt-wise I am VERY impressed by his head. This is a brand new make, and it captures Ralph perfectly, especially his pointy nose! I love the allowances that MattyCollector and the Four Horsemen are still giving for original parts, even given the fact that subs were down this year, and I thank them for that.

Elongated Man 4

Elongated Man gets  4.5 outta 5 stars, so far he is my least favorite of the three figures release this year, but not a bad figure by any means! Fun to play with, fun to pose, and fun to display, Ralph is one of those figures that fits well into any collection. It’s great to see figures that SHOULD have been part of the original release slate of DC Universe Classics seeing the light of day, but I am happy to see him get the special treatment within Club Infinite Earths.

Next up, Larfleeze the greedy Orange Lantern  and the Club Infinite Earths EXCLUSIVE figure, Monsieur Mallah and the Brain!! MattyCollector’s April sale starts this Monday at 12 noon EST!! See you in a couple weeks Towelites, with my next reviews!

Stay tooned 😛



Elongated Man 5