It was ladies month this August on! DC Universe Classics Club Infinite Earths featured the Brazilian superheroine and Justice League member, Fire! What did we think of this month’s club figure? Find out below Towelites!

[box_light]DC Comics FireBeatriz Bonilla da Costa, aka Fire, started as an amateur model on the beaches of Rio, then becoming a showgirl and stage performer before finding herself serving as a top secret agent for Brazilian government’s SNI (Serviço Nacional de Informações – National Information Service), actually Abin (Agência Brasileira de Inteligência – Brazilian Intelligence Agency). In the course of one of her missions, Beatriz was trapped in a pyroplasmic explosion that endowed her with the unusual power of being able to exhale an eight-inch burst of fire. She assumed the identity of the Green Fury, and then soon changed it again to Green Flame. She joined the international superhero team the Global Guardians, of which she was a long-standing, loyal member.

Shortly after changing her name to Green Flame, the Guardians’ United Nations funding was withdrawn in the wake of the formation the Justice League International. Beatriz convinced her teammate and best friend Icemaiden into joining her to apply for Justice League International membership. Remarkably, in the wake of Black Canary’s resignation and the abduction of several members, the short-handed JLI took them on. Eventually, she once again changed her heroic name, this time to Fire in affinity with Icemaiden’s shortening of her name to simply Ice. As a result of the “gene bomb” detonated by the alien Dominators, Fire’s powers were dramatically increased, but were less reliable for a time. Beatriz remained with the Justice League International for the remainder of its existence — in fact she served the longest tenure of any JLI member. During this time, she was also trained in the arts of battle by Big Barda.[/box_light]


Ice Club Infinite Earths 1So I have to say one thing about next year’s club not going through, and the fact that this figure feels very incomplete is a big problem for me. You see we now have a conundrum! Fan demanded figure is made, MattyCollector promise team builders, yet club fails and we may not see partner. We will probably see Ice down the road on MattyCollector, but who knows how easy it will be to buy!  Well nonetheless, Fire is now part of my collection and she’s a really good figure.


Packaging is basic sized Signature Series box with the usual great artwork, this time showing off how sultry Fire really is!

The body is built from the usual basic female mold, we’ve seen this in figures like Poison Ivy. Very petite and articulated, yet the construction of the body doesn’t make her look funny, something that occurs in female figures a lot. But Matty and the Four Horsemen have done a a good job delivering an attractive feminine figure that looks great in the collection. Height is good, just a little shorter than Wonder Woman, as most should be. Paint is wonderful, the greens are really dynamic and the lines are quite smooth. The detail on her head is nicely layered and the earrings are a great touch, tying in with the belt color.

Accessory-wise Fire comes with everything she needs, a flame attachment for her arm! I’m  calling it now, make it like the exclusive Orko/Prince Adam pack, and throw in Ice as an accessory. This is something Matty should consider for a Con-Exclusive! I am also going to mention that her belt is a great addition to her overall look, as it adds a certain dynamic to the figure. I do not like the fact that it is attached to her side. letting it hang on its own would have been great.

Their are only a couple of issues that I have with Fire, one being that her head  causes a problem for posing due to her hair. Now don’t get me wrong I think that the face and head sculpt are great and it really is a well made original piece, but it really cuts back on the articulation of the neck. I can turn it a little for poses, but their isn’t much wiggle-room so be careful. The other odd thing about this figure is the number that is printed on her boot. I have read other reviews where it seems this was caught during production and paint was globbed on her, but not mine, as you can see below. I feel that this being a collector’s figure and for the price we pay for them, this is really inexcusable.

DC Universe Classics Fire 11

The final four months of this year will be bittersweet, I am very glad that some figures like Ocean Master and Ra’s Al Ghul are seeing the light of day, but it will be sad when December is over. I have really enjoyed this DC Universe Classics line and I hope that it doesn’t disappear forever. This month’s figure, Fire, gets a 4 outta 5 stars. Overall a beauty, but with the head and paint issue, the head is a tough one to judge it on but I am definitely taking away for the number on Fire’s boot. I am really looking forward to next month as we are getting another female addition to the collection, the Huntress.

DC Universe Classics Huntress


Stay tooned 😛



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