Welcome to the second half of 2013, and the final stretch for this years Club Infinite Earths figures! The reviews for the final three figures got fans excited, well at least for two outta three! I can’t wait to get my hands on both Ocean Master and one of my most demanded characters, Ra’s Al Ghul! BUT before they make their way to our mailboxes, we have some familiar faces to review! Starting with July 2013‘s figure, Freddy Freeman as Captain Marvel Jr. Matty finally hooks us up and gives us a missing piece of the Marvel Family puzzle. Interestingly enough, it was a popular month for the Marvel Family in both plastic form and in the pages of the funny books! This month we saw the conclusion of Geoff Johns‘ Justice League back-up story, Curse of Shazaam. Currently the “Marvel” name is not used due to a certain competing firm. You know for confusion reasons….. The SDCC Matty Signature Series was the New 52 Shazaam!. An interesting figure that caused a little controversy when it was released in Classics packaging and not Unlimited. Here is Freddy’s Post Crisis Bio, these figures exist in that continuity, where they should be. Check it.


Post-Crisis, Freddy Freeman was an all-star student at the Binder school; an archetypal jock, he was also among the school’s most popular and successful students. One of Freddy’s friends was Billy Batson, Captain Marvel’s alter ego, who worked as a boy reporter for WHIZ radio. At a WHIZ radio spelling bee hosted by Billy, Freddy and Billy met Billy’s long-lost sister Mary, whom Freddy immediately fell for. Later, Freddy and his grandfather went on a fishing trip in the Fawcett Bay, while Captain Marvel was engaged in a battle with Captain Nazi. Just as in the Pre-Crisis origin, Captain Marvel knocks Captain Nazi into the lake, and the Freemans are attacked when they attempt to save Nazi. Captain Marvel intervenes and rushes both injured bystanders to a hospital. Jacob Freeman slips into a coma, and Freddy is found to have a severely injured spine and a broken leg. The injured Freddy is taken to the wizard Shazam by Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel, who grants the boy the power to become Captain Marvel, Jr. However, Jacob Freeman dies, and Freddy goes on a rampage against Captain Nazi as Captain Marvel Jr. Nazi is eventually brought to justice after Mary gets Junior to calm down. Since gaining his powers,  Freddy has been a member of the Marvel Family, Outsiders, Teen Titans and Young Justice, since he began his path as a superhero!

Now check out the New 52 more Fabio-esque version of good ‘ol Freddy! He just made his appearance this month in Justice League #21!! Wrapping up the story that began in issue #0!!

New 52 Freddy Freeman


I am not a big fan of the box work this time around. Freddy end up looking a little creepy.

 Via: MattyCollector.com

Surprisingly enough Freddy was not a must have for me, though now that I have him I’m glad that he was sculpted. He is a great addition to the shelf, whether you put him with the Marvel Family, or his other foes and friends. Freddy’s blue uniform is amazing contrast to the other figures in his set. Against the red of Captain Marvel, the black of well..Black Adam, and the red, or even better the white variant of Mary Marvel! The only problem in the looks department with the figure is the paint application. It’s a little messy around the gauntlets and boot. The classic lightning bolt symbol on his suit it an example of missing paint. Nonetheless, an attractive figure. The work on his cape is impressive. What appears to be an airbrush technique, gives the coloration a new dynamic. It is easily my favorite aspect of this figure, next to the head. This is a great sculpt, making Freddy appear not a child, and not so much of an adult. Concerned or pensive teen? Great character here.

Freddy Freeman 02

Freddy Freeman 07

Freddy Freeman 04

Freddy Freeman 05

Freddy is also very articulate, not in speech of course. The only minus to this is the cape is a little heavy and will cause the figure to tip over in some poses. If you are a rich man and have acquired Mattycollector’s Flying Stands 2.0then displaying your favorite action figures is at a whole new level! Freddy would work well with a stand and I wish I had one for this shoot. Instead Freddy is going to show you his Marvelous flex!

Freddy Freeman 03

So our buddy Captain Marvel Jr. gets 4.5 outta 5 stars. Freddy’s paint work could have been a little cleaner, but the contrast of colors is dead on, making this an attractive looking figure. One of the best capes I’ve seen to date, love the paint. Now Freddy can now fly proudly next to the rest of the Marvels! Of course your only hopes of getting your hands on him is on the secondary market, or hope that Matty does a reserve sale at some point down the road. I always have a second on hand, as I buy two to do this review. So hit me up, if any of you Towelites are interested in this years figures, except Saint Walker and MAYBE Flash. Next up? Fan-demanded member of the Justice League, the hot Brazillain, Fire! Let’s hope that the 2014 sub goes through or we at least get a shot at buying Ice if it doesn’t! Hey toy fans, don’t forget to do your part by purchasing a subscription to either, or BOTH, Masters of the Universe Classics and DC Universe Classics! Visit the sub page over at MattyCollector for more info! You only have until August 19th!

Fire MattyCollector Club Infinite Earths


Via: MattyCollector.com

And just in case your Marvel Family isn’t complete enough, you will have your shot at acquiring the SDCC exclusive, now not so exclusive. The New 52 Shazaam! figure will be available August 5th on MattyCollector.com.


 Via: MattyCollector.com

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