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February is near gone but before we say hello to spring DFAT has a look at this month’s DC Universe Club Infinite Earths FOM, the Phantom Stranger! DC’s long-running supernatural side-kick, yet COSMIC ENTITY, is a beautiful looking figure and fits right in with the rest of the collection, especially that empty spot next to the Spectre! This figure has been a long time coming and heavily fan-demanded since day 1 of the collectors’ club. Recently the Phantom Stranger has returned to the front lines of the DC New 52 universe, written by Dan Didio. Strangely enough, this is one of those figures I don’t get overly upset about when it comes to articulation because in what this figure can’t “do” he makes up in collector “SPIRIT”.

Phantom Stranger 01

An omnipresence glow emitting from the packaging…..

Standard window box with great art by Mike Thompson as usual. Makes a great backdrop:

Phantom Stranger 04

The  numerous arm and leg joints make for great posing. The problem is the massive cape which hangs heavily over the Stranger’s Back. But look at that paint job, how can you get upset when its such a generous figure in the looks department. The perfect addition to ones shelf. The face is dead on, haha, the blank stare, and the empty-eyes are captured perfectly here. A haunting figure all around, he was one of my must haves and I am glad that DC has finally paid us our dues.


Nonetheless the Stranger can still look like he’s finger pointing your destiny, or something like that!

I give the Phantom Stranger a 4.5 outta 5 Stars. I had to take a half star due to the cape being a major obstacle to full articulation and posation! A great figure with the classic DC Comics vibe, and a must-have, even though we had to wait years to get our hands on him, since he’s in the top 10 of EVERYONE”S DC Universe Classics wishlist! MattyCollector and the Four Horsemen have done a great job capturing the look and feel of this character. The Phantom Stranger will boldly be watching over my collection this year!

Stay tooned 😛



 Phantom Stranger 07


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