“Every hero has a story, not that I’m some kind of hero. But there comes a point when to survive, the hunted must become the Huntress. ”  
— Helena Bertinelli



The Huntress is a vigilante operating out of Gotham City, and a member of the Batman Family. She is also a devout Catholic, and is very in touch with her Italian heritage. Her career is inspired by a personal vendetta against organized crime, responsible for killing her entire family. At first, her ruthless methods and willingness to kill made her an outcast from the heroic community, but in time she learned to temper her methods and became accepted by her peers. She has also been a member of the Justice League and the Birds of Prey.

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Huntress Alley 775

Huntress has finally made it into my DCUC Batman collection and the addition of this character to the line is a much-needed one, especially considering the number of female figures out there. Thanks to Matty for listening to the fans on this one! Huntress is also one of my favorite Bat-world characters so I was very happy when she was announced. But how does this figure stand up to DCUC standards, let’s find out! The art on the Huntress packaging may be my favorite of the year so far. Helena looks both dangerous and sexy at the same time. Other than that you have your standard Signature Series boxing. She is a little tougher than most figures to get out of the plastic shell due to her cape.

Huntress loves wearing purple and this figure is full of the color. The paint scheme is very smooth and detailed, one of my favorite aspects of this figure is the detail that are on her belt-pouches and also the strap clips on her boots. The cape is a solid purple with white trim, but the nice thing about the cape is that it is relatively light and the figure is well-balanced enough, allowing for easy posing. The contrast between the purple and dark grey of her costume is very subtle and the color scheme does not scream out at you, making this character perfect for hiding in the shadows!

What do I love about this figure? Well let’s start with her hands, they are made perfectly for holding her crossbow. Sometimes I feel that this is a detail that is overlooked in a lot of figures, but not with Huntress. The notch in her right hand is the exact shape of the crossbows handle. Second, this figure looks sexy. I think that Mattel has done a good job with their female figure builds, something that a lot of companies have difficulty with.

Only a couple of complaints with this one. From certain angles her eyes can look a little off. I think her left eye is a little higher than it should be. Her hair looks fine, but as usual with the female figure it acts as a deterrent to head rotation. Her feet don’t move very much, there are no rotary ankles here, instead we get an old school hinge ankle. The absence of this is something that really bothers me at this level of collecting. But what really pisses me off about this figure is something that happened last month with August’s figure, Fire. As you can see below there is some kinda stamp on her boot. Like I said last month and I am going to say it again. This is unacceptable at this level. The mistake here takes away a lot from the overall figure. Luckily it is on the inside of the foot. So it is hidden during display. Oh and a purple crossbow, really?!

DCUC Huntress 21


MattyCollector.com’s Club Infinite Earths September figure of the month Huntress gets 4.5 outta 5  stars. Huntress is a great addition to anyone’s collection and being part of the Bat Family makes her that much more desirable. She is unfortunately sold out at MattyCollector so you will have to look for her on Ebay and/or other secondary market stores. Next month Aquaman villain Ocean Master rises from the depths!

Ocean Master DCUC

Stay tooned 😛


DCUC Huntress 22

DCUC Huntress 23