Hey toy nerds! Do you have any missing figures from any of the previous DC Universe Classic waves? Or are you a “customizer” looking for some cheap parts? Then head over to Entertainment Earth ASAP, they have some figures going for $6!! I just completed my Bane “build a figure” wave 16! 3 figures for $25 including the Creeper ($9) and Jonah Hex ($12)! I also picked up two of the Metal Men, Mercury ($6) and Iron ($6), so that when December hits and Club Infinite Earths bombards me with 3 different Metal Men (Plantinum, Tin, and Lead), I’ll be prepared, but Gold is VERY RARE and I am still on the hunt (if anyone has any leads on this one, it would be appreciated!). I also discovered that the Dark Knight Returns Batman is available for preorder!! As are waves 1 of DC Unlimited and Batman Unlimited! So get on over there and get your pre-order on!!! I picked up that awesome retro Penguin!! I remember this figure from the 3 inch Super Powers line when I was a kid!

Stay tooned 😛