Jeff Kober has been a leading man in the genre on film and television for years. I’ve always loved what he’s brought to the screen, which is why I’m excited to see his upcoming role in Dead Sound. The film, from October Coast, will take Kober and pair him up with Brett Azar (Terminator : Dark Fate) and Matty Cardrople (Stranger Things) on a trip from hell. Read more about it and check out the trailer below.


Genre icon Jeff Kober (The Walking Dead, Buffy), Terminator : Dark Fate’s Brett Azar and Stranger Things’ Matty Cardarople star in the terrifying Dead Sound,premiering on DVD and Digital this March from Uncork’d Entertainment.Four best friends from boarding school decide to attend a massive blow-out High School graduation party on Block Island. After missing the last ferry they decide to hire a fishing boat to take them on what should be a simple journey. What they get is the trip from hell, with a captain and his first mate that have no intention of taking the kids to Block Island, putting them into a fight to survive and to simply make it back to land… any land.

Caroline Day, Ashley Austin Morris, John Behlmann, Eric Tabach, Matthew Gumley, Noah Gaynor and Sophie Faulkenberry co-star.

From director Tony Glazer, and writers Jon Adler and Ted Weihman, Dead Sound is released March 3.