Dead Space CU

Dead Space

It’s what Resident Evil wished it was. It’s what horror games are meant to be. Most of all, it’s what Alien meant, when it said: “In space, no one can hear you scream”.

Dead Space 3 is out today, and let me tell you – as a gamer – I could not be more excited. You see, Dead Space is no ordinary game. Dead Space is horror, reincarnated, as a game.

dead space 2

I’ve enjoyed every aspect of the series.  From the comics, to the 2 games, to the Wii Rail Shooter (Extraction), to the DLC for the 2nd (Severed).  This story seems to involve a little of everything; from government conspiracies, to religious crusades, to a virus like disease, to alien origins.  But what’s particularly amazing, is how great it blends it all together.

The games do the same thing with the gameplay itself.  From the creepy dark hallways, to the creatures jumping out of nowhere, to the action packed shootout – this game is nothing less then extremely entertaining.

When it comes to horror, never has a game have me so on edge, that I physically was unable to use the run button, in fear that I will run into something that would rip me apart.  I took one step at a time, gun always drawn, jumping at every little sound I heard (and trust me, in the silence of space, every single scrape or click is intensified).  And when all hell broke loose, then I did run… in circle… like a maniac.  Cause I was afraid that if I stopped, I would be facing the wrong direction and, well, you get the point.  Terror… this game has it.  Mastered it.  Engulfs you in it.

dead space pattern

The action is also perfected.  One thing I love about it is how it is very “environmentally” based.  Whether your getting dragged on the floor from a giant tentacle, trying desperately to shoot yourself free, or hanging from some cables after having taken a fall, and fighting off the enemies while upside down, and even the excellent zero gravity scenes – the environment you are in is always part of the action.

As a series, each one was great.  Extraction (even as a Rail Shooter) does an amazing job showing the madness and chaos that spreads through the people.  Dead Space 1 puts you in the eerie environment of an “dead” spaceship – empty and creepy and horrifyingly alone.  Dead Space 2 puts you in the chaos of the an already spreading “virus”; and with it, the growing insanity of the protagonist.  In the DLC for the 2nd one, Severed, you play a more action oriented story (which takes place halfway through the story of 2).  Severed still is able to keep the creepy moments, and the dramatic story scenes come galore (not to mention something important to the story, as you play the character from Extraction, not 1 and 2, but I wont spoil it).

And with all the other fillers, including comics, novels, a puzzle oriented comic/game (Ignition), graphic novels and a couple animated movies – the “universe” of Dead Space is as big as they get; and it’s still growing.


I do hope they don’t take it too far… trying to “add” things just to make more money can always ruin the story as a whole.  And more dangerously, any sequel in video games can take a wrong turn.

Dead Space 3 is suppose to be more action packed.  If by this they mean it’s like Severed, then let me tell you, we are in for a treat.  If by that they make the mistake Resident Evil 5 made, then damn… that stinks.  (Though I did like Resident Evil 6, but that’s another story).   Another big bonus on the entire game is that it was created to be played co-op, with the story having its own twists when played like this (giving you the enjoyment of playing it both alone and with someone).  Rumors are, co-op is extremely fun.


With this game in my hands as we speak, I guess we’re about to find out.  Having played the few minutes of the demo, I can say that I think this game will be great.  Either way, once I go through it, I will be posting a review.  Until then, you should try it – and if you haven’t played any of them, you might as well start with 1.  It is still very worth it.