Leave your children, senior citizens, and Christians at home.  This film is not for the faint of heart or any kind of morals that we normally follow every day.  However, if you feel the need to satiate your darkest behavior and extremely questionable dinner etiquette, then this is the movie for you.  Taken from the comic book, Deadpool (a.k.a. Wade Wilson) reaches through the big screen and slaps us with very vulgar, dirty humor to entertain us as he tries to save his beloved from the clutches of an evil scientist.  That pretty much explains the movie in a nutshell.  What I didn’t tell you is how much I enjoyed every minute of it.  

Ryan Reynolds, who plays the main anti-hero character, brings his sarcastic, raunchy humor to this character.  He is not a stranger to this kind of role.  In Blade Trinity, he plays Hannibal King, a vampire hunter with a very colorful sense of humor that borders on annoying and crass.  In X-Men Origins:Wolverine, he plays Wade Wilson before he became Deadpool.  We get a taste of what he is like and how he uses dirty limericks and sexual innuendos to break the ice during uncomfortable situations.  Deadpool movie 02His skills as a trash talking, sword-wielding motor mouth is greatly utilized while fighting against multiple assailants.  The fighting skills is thrilling to watch, not to mention hilarious when he mixes non relevant issues as he dismembers a bad guy.

This film introduces to us to what the Marvel Comics world calls “the fourth wall”.  It’s a method of communication to the readers as an internal monologue between the readers and the main character, plus the character realizes that he is fictional.  With that knowledge, Deadpool uses facts from our world and incorporates that into his monologue.  In this film he delivers conversations that are in his thoughts and gives us a very blunt and honest opinion about everything that is going on around him.  Even though his mask covers his mouth, we understand every word, every joke, and every vulgar thing that goes through his mind, and it’s not pretty.

This movie is pretty much an origin story of how Wade Wilson became Deadpool and the reason why he went through hell.  He doesn’t get his gorgeous looks by using some overnight infomercial miracle skin cream.  His cancerous body is killing him fast and needs a remedy immediately.  He is suckered into a back alley treatment facility that promises to cure him and make him even better.  We all know how that went.  The doctor or mad scientist responsible for his transformation and misery goes by the name Ajax who is played brilliantly by Ed Skein. He  is assisted by an Amazonian brute, Angel Dust, played by former MMA fighter Gina Carano  You can imagine with those names that their intentions are not good.  Deadpool movie 01Deadpool prognosis is good and really bad at the same time.  He is cured from the cancer and possess mutant super healing powers, but he won’t be winning any beauty pageant.  Throughout the movie Deadpool’s main focus is to find this Ajax, force him to fix him, and then kill him.  During his travels, he meets up with a fellow X-Man, Colossus and his teammate Negasonic Teenage Warhead.  Watching Deadpool interact with Negasonic is comical.  It is like watching a mini-me Deadpool with nuclear powers and tangle her with a toilet-talking assassin.  To add to the mix, Ajax does the unthinkable and kidnaps Deadpool’s main squeeze Vanessa Carlysle, bad idea.  Doesn’t everyone know that you don’t mess with a sword wielding, martial art ass kicking, expert marksman’s girlfriend.

The supporting cast definitely delivers their fair share of raunchy, comedic talent to further spice up the movie.  You have a blind old woman, a dirty talking biker bartender, and a gorgeous sexy crazy girlfriend that Deadpool leans on for emotional and psychological support throughout the film.  Without them, he wouldn’t have been able to find his porno magazines, drugs and booze.

In a nutshell, this movie tickles your funny bones, dazzles your eyes with jaw dropping fight sequences, and entertains your comic book loving child inside you.  Go see it, but be prepared to take a cold shower after you watch it.  You will feel extremely dirty in the end.

I give this film four out of five movie stubs.