I’ve been a fan of Death Cab For Cutie ever since I laid ears on Transatlantacism. You can say you heard them before that, and the only reason that I even knew about them was because Seth Cohen had a poster in his bedroom on the O.C.; and you may be right. It doesn’t make me less of a fan. It just makes me slow to the game.

Regardless, I’m the bearer of bad news, as guitarist Chris Walla has decided to leave the band after 17 years. He said it wasn’t an easy decision in a recent interview.

“Short version: I’m leaving Death Cab for Cutie. My last show with the band will be September 13, 2014, at the Rifflandia Festival in Victoria, BC. I hope you guys can make it.

Longer version: I think I long for the unknown. It might be that simple.

I will miss being a quarter of this band, and will support whatever course Death Cab for Cutie chooses from here…Truly grateful, beyond words. Thank you.”

What’s super sad about the whole thing is that after 17 years, yes someone is leaving a band, but also that he was the producers of the bands albums. A producer is instrumental to a bands success and 2011’s Codes and Keys was one of my favorite, so I’m hoping that when they release this next album, it doesn’t suffer. DCFC is currently in the studio putting the finishing touching on this upcoming album and as more news comes out about it, we’ll be sure to keep you posted here at DFAT!

What do you think of this departure, and how will it affect the band? Enjoy one of my favorite songs/videos from DCFC, ‘Title & Registration’.