If you weren’t a fan of 2017’s Dark Nights: Metal then you aren’t truly alive. The ambitious event from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo is getting a much deserved sequel in the upcoming Death Metal, due in comic shops this May. As promised this won’t be another Batman story from the duo but rather a Wonder Woman one. The Batman of course will be a supporting character as we have seen in the badass promo art of the Trinity released over the past couple days. The upcoming six-issue limited series will feature the fallout from many of the current storylines (Justice League, Year of the Villain, Batman/Superman) happening in the DC Universe and will pit our favorite heroes against the evil Batman Who Laughs. Head on over to the Hollywood Reporter for an exclusive interview with creators Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo and learn more about the upcoming series. Here’s a excerpt from that interview and snag your copy of Death Metal when it hits shops on May 13th!

Hollywood Reporter: What is the thing that you’re both most excited for fans to see in Death Metal?

Capullo: Oh, all of it, because it’s a crazy mad ride! I certainly can’t wait to see the reaction to my new designs. But the story is just so bizarre, crazy, off the wall, energetic, bombastic — I just can’t wait for them to enjoy the ride. We’re working on an amazing heavy metal concert that’s just gonna, you know, crank those amps, blast the hair off their heads, so that all looks like me. So, yeah, all of it! We’re going be all wanting them to see all of it!

Snyder: I think I’m most excited for them to see Greg’s art because it’s out of control. I think it already looks like some of the best stuff he’s ever done. And — I think, the end of the first issue, and then the end of the series. Both those things I’m really, really proud of in terms of where they go storywise. Not the end of the series, obviously, it’s the end, but in terms of what it’s saying about the DCU and what happens in it — how crazy that scene is at the end. The final moments of it say everything I’ve wanted to say about how much we love DC and the characters, and how grateful we are to have been able to work here for this long on these characters that we adore.


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