Well let me start off by saying that I was VERY impressed by the first “episode” of Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons which premiered on The CW Seed not too long ago. The second part was said to be streaming later on in 2020. Today we get word that both episodes would be combined and released on Blu-ray/Digital this summer. I’m ok with this because I believe that this will make its way to The Seed, not to mention 2020 has been a shit-show. The first part was pretty epic and it left me wanting more. Adding an extra 50 minutes to what we already saw in January, Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons will have a runtime of 87 minutes. That’s a ton of assassin goodness just waiting to be watched!

You can watch ‘part one’ here on The CW Seed! Here’s the trailer for the “movie” thanks to IGN.