TWO episodes of Defiance aired this week! We have a lot to discuss, SO LET’S GET TO IT!!!


“Bottom of the World”

Irisa needs a terrasphere for something, and it can’t be good. Remember this is the weapon that our Defiant townsfolk used in season 1 during the Battle of the Volge, so the capabilities of this thing is quite DESTRUCTIVE. She breaks into an ERep encampment to steal it but sounds the alarm! She is hiding and about to get away when Nolan grabs her takes the sphere, and throws her into the bushes. He turns in the terrasphere to the ERep and tells him that the thief got away.

Defiance - Season 2Alak decides that he’s bored with Treasure Doll, and starts to push her away. This leads into the next episode so I won’t talk about it too much. She of course is insulted and saddened by all of this. Not that she is that mentally stable in the first place. Later in the episode she comes to the Tarr household to take Christie out for lunch, when Christie walks into the other room, Deirdre makes a move on Alak, which he responds with a threat, telling her that it’s over. This clearly upsets the girl and she nearly is crying, but Christie returns and they leave. We then see Stahma has been watching from the shadows. Will mom take care of business? Stahma goes to the NeedWant to talk with Datak. They discuss the matter and Stahma asks him to take care of the mess for money. He counter offers the deal by saying that he wants to return to his home as her husband. She refuses and says that she will deal with it herself.

So this was definetely a filler episode to a cetain point and while some important things happened that would set things into motion for the next episode, I can see why these two were aired together. Here’s what you need to know. An ERep ambassador is coming to Defiance. So this is the perfect opportunity for someone to attack and make a statement, which happens. During an inspection of the mines, a bomb is set off trapping Amanda, the Mayor, and the Ambassador in the wreckage. The Ambassador dies and the other two have a limited time before the air runs out! Here we have the classic “trapped” scenario that has been used over and over again, which is fine.

So who dunnit? Well as you know Rafe’s son Quentin is back in town and things aren’t going smoothly between father and son. Quentin is all about fighting the EReps and as we found out he was involved in the attack on the facility that hatched Fo-Kenya. So of course this guys is involved and we learn why this episode. Quentin is angry about the situation with his mother and how Rafe just sent her away. So when the Voltan Collective made a deal with Quentin to return her to him if he brought down the mine on top of the EReps, he was all about it. Rafe realizes that all of the weapons that he has been stockpiling could easily link him to the attack so he asks his son to help him hide it all. That’s when he realizes that one of the tremblers is missing, and then he realizes that Quentin took it. Quentin then attacks Rafe and knocks him out, he then calls the EReps. What a jerk right?! Turning in his own father. But his anger has blinded him the the truth, and soon he’s about to learn the truth of his father’s actions.

Defiance 02Nolan and Berlin are able to save the Mayor and Amanda. During their descent into the cave, they decide that their sexual affair should stop, and so they agree. That’s too bad, I liked watching her beat up Nolan in bed. Right before they are rescued and the Mayor is near passing out, he ALMOST admits to Amanda what he has done, but only says that “he’s a monster”. After their rescue, when they are in the streets of Defiance, he approaches her and admits what he says was true. He then walks away, but Amanda follows. Nolan realizes that maybe he made a mistake by thinking that he and Amanda could be together. I’m sure this will all be resolved by the end of the season, and the Mayor will probably be killed by Nolan. It’s only a matter of time.

The VC keep their promise and release Quentin’s mother, Pilar, who is played by Terminator vet Linda Hamilton. Quentin reveals that Rafe has taken the blame and that he is out of their lives forever. Pilar then slaps him and tells him that he’s a fool. She tells him that every action that Rafe has taken, including letting her be taken, was to protect their children. Stupid Quentin.

In the end Irisa gets her Terrasphere, she has convinced Tommy to get it for her. She in turns attacks him and implants him with the nanites! The cult takes the sphere to the cliff overlooking the Voltan encampment, Irisa releases it into the sky, the group is chanting. Suddenly the Voltans in the camp are pulled into the ground and placed in to pods surrounding the hidden ship. The ship activates. Irisa then collapses and says “this is the beginning”.


“Doll Parts”

The moment we’ve been waiting for has arrived. For weeks we have seen the clip of someone being thrown from the arc, that person is Deirdre, thank the Gods! But whodunnit? Here we go again, except this time the episode is a lot more fun and the answer will shock you! The episode begins with Deirdre on the radio and she suddenly hears the elevator coming up, she happily greets the mystery person and the next thing we see is blood on the record player and her body falling from the arc.

Defiance 04The thing about this episode is that you really don’t know who did it until the end. Was it Stahma, was it Datak, Alak?! Nolan now has the Irisa situation to take care of, so he is leaving town. So no Lawkeeper means we need a deputy. So before he leaves he appoints Amanda the job, who basically asks for it because she wants to find out what happened to one of her workers. The task is up to her and Berlin figure out this mystery.

So many fingers point to Alak, and eventually he is locked up because they find a camera in the arc that Deirdre had planted to video Alak and her sexing it up. So they arrest him because he lied to them during the initial questioning. But do you think Stahma is going to let this stand? Of course not. There is always two sides to her kindness and in this episode we see that more than ever. During one of her “food walks” she visits a father and daughter. The father is very sick and is worried that when he dies, what will happen to his daughter. Stahma makes him an offer that he can’t resist. She will take his daughter into her home as one of her maidens, IF he is to admit to the murder of Deirdre. It’s as easy as that.

Amanda realizes that she is partially to blame for Deirdre’s aggressiveness when it came to Alak. In the past Deirdre had come to her for advice, but never told Amanda any name, she told her that she was in love but the situation was difficult. Amanda told her to fight for the love, not knowing what it would lead to of course. But that’s what happens when you mess with crime families. I almost felt sorry for Deirdre at this point, she came from nothing, she had high hopes but wasn’t all that realistic about things. That’s what got her killed, you don’t go around messing with the Tarr’s. Alak is eventually released from prison when the sick man admits to the crime. He even has the microphone that went missing, covered in Deirdre’s blood. Amanda doesn’t believe it, but has no choice to arrest him because of the evidence he is holding.

Stahma goes to Datak and congratulates him on a job well done. But he admits that he had nothing to do with it. Stahma is perplexed by this but only for a moment, that’s when she realizes who did it. Alak comes home to find a bottle of poison on the bed stand, he goes to the bathing room to find his wife there relaxing. She tells him that the poison is meant to cause miscarriages, and just when you think she has done something terrible, she admits to what happened.

Defiance 03Deirdre had invited her up that fateful day for a picnic in the Arch. Christie’s senses are enhanced by the pregnancy and she realizes that Deirdre is trying to kill the baby. Things turn sour and the two fight! Christie beats her up and smashed her head with the microphone, she then throws Deirdre out the window. This whole episode has changed my perspective on Christie entirely. At the beginning of the season I thought it would be Alak who would be changed the most, but Christie is really starting to adapt to her new Castithan culture. When Stahma realizes it was her, she is overjoyed with how protective Christie was of her family. Something that Stahma holds in high regard. Christie warns Alak that he must never betray her or their child again, and invites him to bath with her. Looks like a clean slate for these two.

The other crazy thing that happened is that Tommy’s “body snatcher” moment doesn’t last long and we learn that humans aren’t the intended target for the takeover. In fact they are the reason its happening and whatever the force behind it all is trying to wipe out the humans! Nolan realizes that this is not an alien force but a mechanical one, it’s no more than some Voltan nanites and it can easily be stopped by disrupting them. Irisa is not herself anymore, she has almost been fully taken over by the AI (aka the little girl in her visions). So the plan is to go to the cult camp, set off a scrambler, and take Irisa away. Since she is the ring leader, they figure that they can stop all of this by taking her in. Tommy pretends to still be infected and turns in Nolan. Tommy then secretly plants some charges, all the while Nolan fights Sukar to buy him so time. They set of the charge, take Irisa, and flee the scene. Irisa wakes up and crashes the truck. Nolan is knocked out but Tommy is not, he tries to talk it out with Irisa who in turn stabs him! She whispers that the Irisa he knew is gone, she then attempts to kill Nolan, but the REAL Irisa is able to fight it off and reminds the AI that keeping him alive was part of the deal. She leaves them behind. When Nolan wakes up he finds Tommy and builds a sled to take him back to town, hopefully in time!! It is kind of sad to see this happen especially after the two had just made up after all of the fighting this season. I can’t wait to see what happens!!!!


TOMORROW!! The SEASON FINALE!!! “All Things Must Pass