Vacations are nice but they also put me behind on my TV watching! So being two weeks being I spent today catching up on one of my favorite shows on TV, and let me tell you these two episodes were pretty top notch and a lot of things happened so we better get started!

E5: Put the Damage On

Amanda sure does like her drugs, but at what point do they become a problem. It would seem this episode. It starts off with her in the bathtub enjoying some of her personal supply of Adreno, when suddenly she hears something. She looks around when suddenly she is attacked by a man in a mask with a flashlight. The eyes under the mask look very familiar, very much like the Mayor’s, who she just told her rape secret to. She fights off the attacker and throws him out a window. Shaken, she tells Nolan her story (about her rape) and he vows to find the man.

After some investigation Nolan tells Amanda that there are no signs that anyone else was in her apartment. This leads to everyone starting to believe that there is something more going on here. Nolan asks the Mayor why Amanda is the only one who has a constant supply of the Blue Devil and he spiked it with something. Of course he denies it.

Defiance 01But Amanda isn’t the only having hallucinations. The Mayor is visited by Amanda’s old flame Connor, who left her after the rape. Connor accuses him of always obsessing about becoming “him”. In fact I’m pretty sure that Niles was the one who may have raped Amanda to get back at Connor for all of the torment he caused him. But of course this is all in the Mayor’s head, but we see that Amanda isn’t alone in this situation.

But there’s a third, Doc. Doc starts to see her old lover, Lev, from the time when the Voltan were experimenting on humans. This brings back a lot of bad memories, but at the same time reminds Doc of a better time and how she is trying to amend her past mistakes. It’s revealed that Lev killed herself and she wants Doc to join her in death. But Doc has more to do before passing on.

So why are all three of these characters having these visions? Well during one of their drug sessions, when Amanda was passed out, they inserted the Ego Implant. This was in order to upload Amanda’s memories, for what we aren’t to sure. But Doc and the Mayor have  a plan, which I’m sure has something to do with Irisa. The implant was able to make its way into both Doc and the Mayor, which explains why they had visions as well. So what’s the next step in their plan? We’ll have to wait and see!

Defiance 02Rafe is now living in the Tarr household, and the bath scene between Stahma and him is pretty humorous. Stahma reveals to Rafe that she is the one who is running the business now, she is in power not Alak. Rafe is relieved, kinda, to hear that he is a figurehead.

Datak tries to make amends to return to his family. Datak knows that in order to return to power he may have to accept the fact that Castithan tradition may need to be bent (or does it..). You can’t really ever trust that guy, but he does seem to have a plan to fight against the EREP. This is something that a lot of Defiance citizens are interested in hearing about, especially Rafe and also the Voltan Collective. Seems like Datak is up to his old tricks again.

Christie is not very happy that Datak is allowed privileges to see his family, especially after what happened to Alak. Frustrated she goes to the Arc to talk to Alak, but only finds Deidre in his studio. Deidre, who we know has motives of her own for Alak, offers her advice and the two seem to become “friends”. This plays out more in the next episode.

So who do you trust in Defiance? Pretty much no one.


E6: This Woman’s Work

This was my favorite of the two episodes being recapped this week. It deals with a crashed Ark and some major interpersonal relationships. Berlin is back this week after being absent from the previous episode. The Mayor wants a team to go and retrieve the Ark which he leads them to believe contains an unlimited energy source. The Viceroy returns this week and has great interests in this Ark, so much so that he tells the Mayor his career is dependent on it. The Mayor gets Nolan on the team, Tommy and Berlin join them. But Nolan refuses their help and Tommy is so insulted that he quits. This sets Berlin and Tommy on a path to leave Defiance, but will they?

Defiance 03Of course the Ark doesn’t contain an energy source, but a dangerous mechanical warrior being called a Gulanee. In fact the Ark is a transport for a bunch of them, and one has survived! After killing all of the EREP soldiers, the Gulanee is a threat to the entire area! Nolan, the Mayor, and Churchill come up with a plan to take it out. Nolan builds a device that will disrupt it enough for them to kill it. The Mayor and Nolan are forced to work together, something neither of them want to do. It comes down to Churchill having to sacrifice himself to give Nolan enough time to complete the device. After they kill the Gulanee, the Mayor is saddened by the loss of Churchill. He asks Nolan if he would have done the same thing with Irisa. In the end the Viceroy is very upset with the Mayor’s failure, so much so he reassigns him to another place and says that he will run Defiance in his place.

Irisa is back to her old tricks, this time she “attacks” a Castithan and Tommy sees it happen! Irisa tries to explain, but then asks Tommy to trust her. They take the man to a hidden location and wait for him to recover. Tommy is very skeptical, but they start to talk about him and Berlin and the fact that Tommy is planning on leaving. Suddenly the man awakens, and Tommy realizes that there is something more going on here, and that he has to stay and help his friend. He goes to Berlin to explain, she doesn’t take it so well. When she finds out it’s because of Irisa she blows up and walks away.

At the beginning of the episode Stahma is called out in the street by a Castithan holy man who calls her a heretic. She realizes that it is going to be difficult to get away from the ways of the old traditions. She decides to try and convince the woman that there is a path that they could follow to not sit in the shadows of the men. This of course doesn’t work out the way she plans, so she ends up poisoning the women and pinning the blame on the holy man. He ends up on Defiance 04the shaming rack, something he had threatened Stahma with. Datak and her stand in line waiting to cast their stone, he seems proud of what she has done but you can never be too sure of Datak’s motives. When its Stahma’s turn she throws her rock the hardest, she has won this battle.

Christie is now hanging out with Deidre who convinces her that the only way she will ever be accepted by the Castithans is to walk in their skin, so they play dress up. But she isn’t the only one! The Viceroy seems to have some “different” sexual pleasure needs, throughout the episode you wonder what these are. He goes to Amanda at the Needwant for aid, she gives him a token of some sort that will let him into a club that “specializes” in what he needs. During the end montage you see him putting on makeup and dressing up like a Castithan, he goes to the club where he meets Christie, also in disguise! Not sure where all of this is going, but its a very interesting chain of events!

In the end Nolan notices that Amanda is always going to the Mayor’s side, so when Berlin shows up a basically offers herself to him, he takes full advantage. They have some rough sex and its pretty entertaining. I love it when this show gets weird at the end of an episode, especially when it throws so many twists at you!

Looking forward to seeing how all of these new events play out!


Next week! Episode 7: If You Could See Her Through My Eyes

Defiance airs on SYFY Thursdays at 8pmEST!



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