This week we have a murder mystery on our hands, and this time Irisa isn’t the one to blame! Poor Jalina, the Tarr handmaiden is eliminated from the cast this week, as we see how far the citizens of Defiance will go to “pretend” to be someone they are not.

Defiance 04The episode starts off with Datak and Jalina in his apartment getting it on. In a rather funny manner, Datak does not want her to scream his name, but Stahma’s. This show has turned up the sex lately and I love it! In the morning a very hung over Datak awakens to find his door partial busted open, so he goes to investigate. There lying on his stoop is Jalina and when he turns her over he jumps back in shock. Her eyes have been removed! So begins the manhunt, or womanhunt, or alienhunt, whatever you want to call it in this crazy town. Datak goes to both Doc and Rafe for help. Doc wants nothing to do with this and suggests the same for Datak. Neither one of them want to end up in prison again! Rafe, who is sypathetic to Jalina, tells Datak that he will help him get rid of the body and get revenge. But as he remphisizes over and over, they are not friends, but they are family so that counts as something. Not to mention Rafe needs those weapons! Stahma gets Nolan involved before she knows the truth, and when Datak asks her if it was her she is offended, she loved Jalina as much as he did. The fact that Datak admits to having sex with Jalina, and Stahma is ok with it, only furthers the crazy in the family. But traditions are traditions right?! So they get the clan together and the manhunt begins.

Nolan is still very suspicious of Irisa and her ability not to be dead. He knows something fishy is going on and of course the Lawkeeper is determined to get to the bottom of it. But now he has a case to solve so that will have to wait till later. Irisa attempts to have another vision by slicing her wrist open, and she does. She continues to sketch the male Irathient that she saw in the vision, standing on the ship with her. That’s when her old friend Rynn shows up asking about Sukar, and that he is missing. Irisa, knowing exactly what’s going on, tells her that she hasn’t seen him. That’s when Rynn sees the sketch and mentions that its a good likeness. Irisa realizes that Rynn knows this Irathient and she is actually currently traveling with him! Irisa goes to meet this guy, Cai, who has no idea who she is. He is a rather different character, not your standard Irathient. But he is the spitting-image of the male she sees in her visions. After some questioning, we find out that Cai was actually born here on Earth and was raised Hebrew. As he humorously says, “I bet I’m the only Irathient Jew you’ve ever met”. Dead end?

Defiance 02Later on in the episode, Rynn is the next victim of the eye thief. She is abducted and taken to a basement lab where a surgeon, trying to make money on the black market, is ready to steal her eyes. Of course Nolan and Irisa make it there just in time, but so do Datak and Raff. Nolan and Irisa confront the surgeon, who stabs Irisa with some scissors! Guess she’s going to have some explaining to do this time! The surgeon gets away, while Nolan is holding Irisa, but he is stopped in the alley by Datak and Rafe. The surgeon explains that he lost a ton of clients when Doc was released from prison and he had to make money somehow! Noone accepts this lousy excuse and Datak is about to kill him but Rafe stops him. Instead Datak pushes the surgeon’s eyes in with his hands, returning the acts tenfold! Revenge has been served.

On his way out of town Cai is approached by Irisa again and she kisses him! This somehow allows him to also see the visions and we see that the two of them actually sabotaged a Voltan ship and crashed it. In astonishment, he quickly boards his coach but goes to the back window and stares at Irisa with confusion, and maybe a little understanding. What comes next I’m not sure, but things are heating up fast! Nolan decides to find out what’s really going on so he tackles Irisa and cuts her hand open, of course she heals. She tells him that the crazy Irathient girl promised to kill him if Irisa told him the truth. He doesn’t care, they are family and they die together. The relationship between the two of them is one of my favorites on the show!

Defiance 03Well last week we thought that the Viceroy and Christie were at an Castithan club but it appears that this is a club for all people who want to dress up as a different race and “go outside their skin” as the saying goes. Deidre continues to manipulate Christie and Alak, and I can’t wait to see her get thrown off of the arch. Alak is suspicious of what Christie has been doing, and Deidre tells him what is going on. So Alak confronts her at the club where she is flirting with the dressed up Viceroy. After they fight Alak storms out, and of course Deidre is there to comfort him. She takes him upstairs, doesn’t charge him for sex and tells him that she wants to be his princess. Maybe Christie will throw her off the arch. Please.

Things are heating up quick, and some story lines are starting to make a little more sense. Will Amanda regain her role as Mayor?! Now that Nolan knows Irisa’s secret, will he be killed? This season has been pretty awesome so far and I am really getting attached to all of these colorful characters and the town of Defiance.

Next week: Episode 8- “Slouching Toward Bethlehem

Defiance is created by Rockne O’Bannon and stars: Anna Hopkins, Brittany Allen, Dion Johnstone, Fionnula Flanagan, Graham Green, Grant Bowler, Jaime Murray, Julie Benz, Mia Kirshner,  Stephanie Leonidas, & Tony Curran.

Defiance airs at 8pmEST Thursdays on SYFY!