So you thought Kenya was dead, well think again!! This week Amanda is put in a sticky situation when one of her prostitutes is arrested for conspiring with the Voltan Collective. If you’ve been watching the past couple weeks, you know that the Irathian, Mahsuvus, is involved with trying to take down the Earth Republic, and they have their sites on NYC.

Defiance s2e8 01Apparently there is a dirty nuke in the city, and the EREPS find out that Mahsuvus is involved. Nolan and team come in and arrest him, they then take him in for questioning. Of course Mahsuvus is no stranger to pain, and as Amanda puts it, he is one of the most requested workers when it comes to that side of things. But Amanda is about to face a situation that she may have to rest her morals on! After the arrest she is contacted by a mysterious person who claims to be holding her sister hostage. Of course their demands are release Mahsuvus or Kenya dies.

If you’ve been watching the show since last season then you know about the situation between Kenya and Stahma, and their secret relationship. But when Kenya threatened to come clean with Datak and reveal their relationship, Stahma poisons her. We are lead to believe that Kenya is dead, but Amanda has held out hope this entire time. I guess she was right all along. Amanda has to figure a way to get Mahsuvus out of the EREP holding and exchange him for her sister.

Of course being the tough ass Kenya is, she attempts several escapes, and when Amanda is allowed to talk to her, Kenya tells her not to make the deal. The situation that they are faced with is one life for thousands, and Amanda is torn right down the middle. This is what I love about the show, they always find great ways to test our characters’ morals. Eventually in the episode Nolan finds out what is going on and he decides to help his friend. He isn’t a big fan of the torturing of Mahsuvus, but he knows that it is a means to an end. Nolan of course is more than willing to help Amanda when he learns the truth. They attempt to track the signal from the call, but unfortunately they need three pings, one of which is Irisa. I will address why it doesn’t work in a moment.

Defiance s2e8 02During Amanda’s breakout attempt, Mahsuvus is killed! But when things seem bleak, Nolan comes up with the old bait and switch plan. They meet at an arranged location and Nolan has a bag over his head pretending to be Mahsuvus. Things of course don’t go smooth and there is a gun fight, the bad guys get away but Kenya is safe and sound. I can’t wait to see what happens next week when she returns to Defiance to confront her would be killer! Stahma has had it way too easy this season.

So Irisa doesn’t hold up her end of the job because she ends up being captured by the first woman she murdered this season. Of course all of her “victims” are ok, as we know, but this episode gets really wonky! The two are talking when suddenly all of the victims start showing up to the location they are at. There definitely seems to be something going on, and I can’t wait to find out what! Time is ticking down to the end of the season and things are about to get real for out little town of Defiance!

Next week… “Painted from Memory

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