LastUrsa’s Thoughts on the Destiny Beta

For those who do not know Bungie for the past week and a half has opened up the doors to its’ much anticipated game Destiny; first as a closed beta for preorders only, then as an open beta for all users on Xbox 360, XB1, PS3, and PS4 Consoles. The beta wrapped up on Sunday July 27th and provided players a great opportunity to see what Destiny will have to offer when it releases on September 9th, 2014.


For the beta players were given access to the story missions on Earth, as well as crucible maps on both Venus and the Moon. For a brief period of time on Saturday, players were also given a chance to play one of the story missions on the moon. The missions all are tied into a story which Bungie did an excellent job not to show off too much of the plot that Destiny will contain.

For Halo fans, you will feel right at home from the get-go as the FPS gameplay is something right out of that familiar series. Also vehicle play also feels very similar to how they behaved in the same franchise. It seems that Destiny is the HALO MMO that fans may have been looking for, especially in regards to the rampant success that the Borderlands series has had. In my opinion I think this is Borderlands only with a legitimate plot, which for me makes this game infinitesimally better.

The classes are each unique and offer the necessary roles of your standard RPG. The Titan is the tank, the Warlock is the ranged DPS, and the hunter is ultimately a mix of both. Their isn’t a healer type as reviving allies is actually a pretty simple and quick process that any class can complete.


The boss fights are exciting and challenging and this game looks to be a much welcome game for next-gen consoles. I’m really looking forward to seeing what new surprises this game will have once it launches this fall.

PS – Check out the video below for some of my highlights from the Destiny Beta.