Dexter s8.8 ‘Are We There Yet?’

It’s crazy to think that in just 3 more episodes, we’ll be saying good bye to Dexter forever. It’s a sad thought indeed, since I truly think the show only gets better with age. This episode was filled with sexual tension, family hijinx, and Quinn in another myriad of horrible shirts. Take a look below to read the episodes recap.

– leave it to Dexter to think about another woman while investigating the death of someone else

– you could cut the sexual tension between a Hannah and Dexter with a machete

– Dexter could care less who he has to kill, surrogate son or otherwise

– “I forget the impact murder has on real people?” Classic Dex

– I love how easy it is for Dexter to brush off the fact he was poisoned by Hannah.

– Dexter could let you take Harrison any where you want him. As long as HE doesn’t have to watch him

– Joey is almost as good a dad as Dexter

– even more than Deb, Dexter definitely loves Hannah

– the Padawan has become the Jedi with Zach eh?

– this kid just turned into a comic strip character

– nobody “dudes” Dex

– this whole episode is just a really weird comedy routine

– Vogel is the closest thing Dexter has had to a mom, and now Hannah’s meeting her. They also have their weird son Zach

–  Hannah needs some Vitamin D(exter)…and she got it.

Next week, things look to continue with the craziness. Especially since someone clearly knows who Dexter is. I have a feeling that it might be Vogel who is killing people the whole time. Which would be quite the major twist. Take a look for the preview of ‘Goodbye Miami’ below.