A Beautiful Day

Things are starting out on Dexter Season 8 on a pretty good note. It’s almost as if LaGuerta DIDN’T get viciously murdered by Deb. Dexter is ‘Father of the Year’, all around player, and recreating brain smashings….such the normal life. Yet, it wouldn’t be Dexter if we didn’t soon get into a heap of drama. As I did with my Bates Motel recaps, I plan on throwing more of my thoughts in the article, as opposed to just laying down the play-by-play. Enjoy.


LaGuerta got a bench…sounds about right

Who melon-balls a brain?
Ladies and Gentlemen, a Boondock Saint.
How does it not surprise me that Deb is doing the wrong guy?
Really thought Dexter woulda killed that driver for cutting him off
I pretty much hate Quinn. He’s a lucky dude, but give that guy a cheeseburger so he can put on some lbs
Let’s hope Dr. Evelyn Vogel doesn’t “pyschopath whisper” to Dexter
No one wants to give this “Bay Harbor Butcher” thing a rest
Harrison couldn’t even talk last season, kid looks forty now
Dexter & Son: Serial Killers for Hire
You coulda maybe NOT killed the drug dealer Dex. For once.
When does Deb realize that whoever she’s dating is gonna wind up dead?
So the good Dr. Knows dexters secrets…that’s not gonna be good for anyone


I have a feeling that the only way this show is going to pan out, is that Deb is going to have to kill Dex. It’s the only way for him to stop. We shall see. Here’s a preview for next week’s episode, ‘Every Silver Lining’