‘Monkey in a Box’

It’s crazy that we only have one episode left, and I still have no idea what’s going to happen! I do know that I hate that Joey and Deb may get back together. (If she makes it) I also know that fake Ryan Gosling has GOT TO GO. Other than that, I’m not sure how things are going to pan out, but with one episode left, I can’t wait!

– love that Dexter is in his killing outfit during this interrogation

– take Harrison to your place Jamie, then I can continue to be a bad child

– there’s a storm-a-brewing

– All you need is some hookers and blow to get through a tough case

– who keeps an engagement ring at their desk at work?

– if Dexter listened to his conscience/Harry more, his life would be a lot easier sometimes.

– It’s extremely awkward to see Dexter try to publicly speak

– I think dexter should just walk away, he DOES have way too much to lose

– Deb has no idea where Argentina even is

– Dex, please just stop lying about having step children

– Deb and Dex: Death Dealers

– how does a killer not wanna kill?

– I love that Deb calls dexter a “fuck face”

– you’re a US Marshall and you don’t know whose wanted for murder.

Below is a preview of the last episode, and a recap of inside the “Kill Room” of the last 8 seasons.