So, Dexter ended and there’s been a lot of mixed reviews about what happened. Read my recap, and then my thoughts below.


– Nothing like calling someone out as a terrorist

–  only in Miami can you be dripping blood and no one says anything to you

– it took 8 seasons, but we finally see Dexter love someone

– even bleeding internally, Deb still has a dirty, sailor mouth

– Debs wig is killing me more than that bullet from Saxon is killing her

–  there’s a reason I didn’t go to vet school

– Dad are you abandoning me..again?

– showdown of the century and it’s stopped by Batista

– Dexter can’t get a break. His mom, dad, Rita, sister, the love of his life. I’d wanna kill people too

– no one wants to look at people on the bus, I fully believe Hanna could get away with that

– death by ink poisoning!

– Dexter killed him in the most calculated way on that video

– it’s also hilarious that he doesn’t even work there anymore

– am I to believe Dexter didn’t bother packing up his killing outfit for his trip to Argentina?

– so THATS why he has that outfit on

– um…


So, Dexter went the way of Henry Cavill in Man of Steel. He’s a lumberjack and pensive and reflecting on his life. Ok. I’ve read the talkbacks about people thinking Dexter should have woken up on his own table with the last 8 seasons being the final moments of his life. I’ve also read people who were satisfied with the ending. How he KNEW he must stay away in order to protect his family. I say bullocks to both.

Dexter could have gotten away from it. It sucks about Deb because I genuinely loved her character; but I understand the choice Dexter had to make. With Hannah and Harrison, he could have had a real life. It took him his whole life, but he became a “human being” and then threw it all away to be by himself. I didn’t hate the ending like I did, The Sopranos; but I didn’t like it one bit.