Scar Tissue

– dreams of shooting your own brother are never a good thing

– Deb yells in Vogels face and she asks if she’s upset. I’m surprised Deb didn’t punch her

– get the new Bundle, now including murder

– I’m actually really glad Vogel exists to delve deeper into The Morgan Clan

– Dexter is within the perfect order of things. He’s the next step in Natural Selection

–  This guy has more shoes than Carrie Bradshaw

– I feel that Joey cheated to pass that sergeants exam. He’s clearly not smart. Why does he even care about Deb when Jamie walks around.

– is this girl wearing a blood-spatter dress?

– Matsuka having a kid is one of the creepiest things ever, especially after hitting on her

– proud to see Deb not hit the bottle immediately.

– Dexters killing outfit just became his Superhero outfit.

– let’s make sure Dex never gets a job as a phone-sex operator. That voice was creepy.

– CLEARLY Joeys still into Deb. He practically tears up when he sees her

– REALLY Deb?! Pulling a Cameron Diaz in Vanilla Sky?!?!

– More dysfunctional family drama than the Maury Povich Show

Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen on next week’s episode, check out the preview for This Little Piggy, below!