As Deb pulled Dexter out of the water in a seen reminiscent of when Jason Voorhees comes out of the water, its clearly evident their relationship is going to change. For better or for worse. This episode explored all that, and added some interesting stuff about Matsuka’s daughter, the crappy Commissioner who should have stayed retired, and Dexter’s skills at being a lady man. Check out the recap below.

 – Just because your dad kills yourself, doesn’t mean you follow in his footsteps.

– nothing like a sassy Dexter, you think the red shirt signified his heart bleeding from Deb?

– I love that Dexter has an iPhone this year instead if a white-on-blue text phone

– Debra has more detective skills thank Batman

– Deb admitting that she couldn’t live without Dex is just years of pent up sexual aggression

– this girl is gonna drain Masuka dry

– The chief was retired right? Why’s he mucking up this case?

– worst double date ever. Why’s the babysitter hosting a dinner party?

– best exit strategy ever. Leave it Dex, ladies Man

– Vogel pulled a real Norma Bates on that guy Yates

– Deb and Dex in Double Trouble!

– the family that kills together….

Here’s a preview of next week’s episode, A Little Reflection.