This was a pretty tame episode compared to what we’ve seen this season. Probably because no one was viciously murdered. Yet, we saw a lot of revealing things about the characters. We learned about Vogel’s son, Joey has bad tastes in fiancee’s as well as shirts, and Deb is never going to get away from being a detective. Take a look at the recap below.

– the best way to get over the death of your protege is to fall into bed with your killer ex-girlfriend

– it’s adorable that Dexter thinks his son would actually be home

– Deb makes the worst clothing choices

– best facial recognition software ever

– I’m not so sure that Dexter wants to straddle both worlds as much as he wants to straddle Hanna

– Deb needs two desserts. Girl needs some lbs

– Dexter has the BEST taste in women. Killers and crack heads

– Deb and Dexter Morgan: Worlds Finest Detectives

– and things just got SUPER AWKWARD. Damn it Quinn

– Dexter is the worst brother, and father

– Dexter gave about one minute of thought to Harrison when the idea of Argentina came up

– only a psychopath would keep playing the same song over and over and over again

Dexter is on hiatus the next two weeks, so we’ll check back with you kiddos on September 12th! Enjoy your labor day and these two previews of Episode 10, ‘Goodbye Miami.’