What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?

This has been one of my favorite episodes Dexter in a while. I like them all, but the writing was top-notch. Also, did anyone pay attention that Dexter himself, Michael C. Hall, directed this episode? I liked his style, and it fight the tone of the show. What I loved about this episode so much was the writing of the episode. Going into Dexter’s past, and weaving it with Harry and Vogel was pure genius. Check out my thoughts below!


How’d they make Harry look so young? CGI?

So this doctor came up with ‘the code’!? This some fantastic for all of this to come out in Season 8

Screw giving hearts out for Valentines Day, this guy is upgrading to brains.

You need a killer, to catch a killer. But Dexter ‘doesn’t take requests’

dexterep2-8ed.jpg Vogel really is the only “mom” Dexter has

“Miami Makes more Bodies than Sunburns” – can’t wait to buy the postcard for that

Are you really judging who Deb has sex with? She has horrible tastes, she’d even have sex with her brother.

Does Deb know it’s not the 90’s? Her hair and clothes would say otherwise.

I liked that he looked at the air conditioner and went “nah”. Oh you hilarious scamp

I wonder if this killer has a quilt made of human skin?

When will Deb and Dex cut all this sexual tension and just do each other already?

Quinn, you drive those high cheekbones right out of Jamie’s life.

Debs a killer without a code. This isn’t going to be good for anybody. Especially Dexter.

Is this killer stalking Vogel, or using her to get to Dexter?


I can’t wait to see what happens on the next episode. I want to find out more about Dexter’s past! Here’s a sneak peak of the next episode, ‘Scar Tissue’