Hollowed Issue 2 gets spooktacular on HOLLOWED-een!

Created and written by Casey Bowker (Don’t Forget a Towel, Inferi) and illustrated by Darius Johnson (Rhanes of Terror, Hollowed) – Hollowed is a series featuring two  detectives from different parts of the country, on a journey to stop a serial killer.

The vile creature is unknown to Officers Vasquez and Tyler; leaving little clues outside of its hollowed out victims. What kind of monster would commit such heinous acts? Are these detectives closer than they think? Can you truly every get bloodstains out of your coffee mug? Find out the answers to these questions and so much more within the pages of HOLLOWED!

Issue 2 is a lot more character building and getting into the plot of whats afoot in Buffalo, NY. The new characters that are introduced begin to flesh out the overall world of Hollowed and its great to see them interact with Vasquez and Tyler.

In addition to the amazing story and artwork of the comic, we’re also featuring an official soundtrack with new songs from Max Overdrive 1986. We’ve also been able to dust off and remaster tracks from 80s synth-wave masters, Of Mars. Get those earholes ready to be transported to an auditory adventure of horrific proportions. 

Written by Bowker, illustrated and colored by Darius Johnson, Hollowed Issue #2, is Out Now, published by DFAT Comics, and will be available on comixology.com

Praise for Hollowed:

“At first I thought I was reading a sequel to Se7en, but as I began to peel back the onion layers within Hollowed, I realized something much more was happening, and I loved it” -Reanu Keeves, Wickham Reviews.

“I couldn’t believe I was reading a story that took place in Buffalo NY that didn’t feature chicken wings.” – Walph Rilson, Bisons Fix.

“If you’re looking to get into a new series that terrifying, yet hilarious and had genuine HEART, then you should definitely take a look inside.” – Rory Knickerbocker, Knick News. 

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