Coming off the success of their first comic book, Hollowed, DFAT Comics is back with another sure-to-be-a-hit title, Inferi. The story follows the adventures of 3 Quantico students and their Professor who cross the globe solving crimes committed by mythological creatures. Little do they know that’s just the beginning as a shadowy organization watches their every move and makes plans of it’s own to stop our intrepid heroes.  

The creative team consists of Hollowed and DFAT’s own, Casey Bowker. Rubern Romero from ThinkAlike Productions (The Agency, Three Swords) takes on co-writer duty. They also have Paris Alleyne on inks and on artwork. Of Mars is expected to provided a soundtrack to accompany the comic book as well. 

The Kickstarter to help fund the comic will go live on March 15th, so Stay Tooned as more news comes to DFAT!


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