If you’re like me, you’re finally getting your Holiday shopping done right about nowish. It’s not a good idea, and most likely you will be late for getting stuff to that person; but you can do what I do and get them a card with a picture of what’s to come in it. You’ll still be loved and with the gift guide below, you’ll be sure to be a hit with whomever you’re purchasing for. Below, is a guide of Geekly Gifts that the DFAT Crew has compiled. We also have a companion article to go along with this as well that you can check out HERE.

Here’s Moses’s list:

Hello Towelites! It’s that time of year again, where gift giving is upon us and us geeks get to rejoice in the awesomeness of things we love. So do you have any geeks in your life you need to get something for? Here I my suggestions!

guardians of the galaxy slider

If it is a movie you’re looking for, Guardians of the Galaxy takes the pie. Its awesome… to the max. It’s also in 3D (just an added plus). And its a movie for both younglings and adults. Seriously, this movie is so great, Best Buy was actually sold out of it the first weekend it came out.

If music is what you’re looking for, I would suggest the latest album from Stars, No One Is Lost. An amazing band, with an amazing sound, this album is probably one of their best. With a past focused on a little more emotional and almost sad songs, this upbeat and “hopeful” album is full of energy and head bopping beats. Seriously… get it for yourself too.


If video games are the direction you need to go with, you’ll have to pay more attention to age and consoles. For Nintendo Wii U, I would go for Mario Kart 8…its fun and awesome. For the xBox I would go for getting the a PS4 instead, they’ll thank you for it. and if they already have a PS4, then depending on what they like playing, I would suggest Grand Theft Auto 5, Destiny, or best of all Aliens: Isolation, one of the most unique, and scariest games out there (this one is also good for those who loved the original Alien movie.

Those are my suggestions… hope they help!


Here’s Clay’s List:

batman the animated series figure

1. Batman The Animated Series Figure

While I want all of these, the stand out in my opinion is the titular character, of course! I mean look at all that Bruce Timm-y goodness. It gets my inner fan-girl all a fluster. These are pretty figures, along with a nice nougat-y nostalgia that makes this a big ole “gotta have” for me.



2. Commissioner Gordon Greg Capullo Designer Series

So much want in such a tiny package. I have been drooling over this figure since they released the first press photos for it, and it comes out just in time for Christmas HINT HINT. Literally, it just barely makes it before the holidays, check your local comic shops on the 24th. I may be there, buying them all for my personal Gordon army.


alien isolation3. Alien: Isolation

Okay, so as time has progressed, I have discovered that I am a very picky gamer. If I’m going to invest hours of my life, I really need to like the game, or at least the idea. This has been the game on my radar for this year (besides GTA V, but that’s a different matter). It looks stunning and it looks spooky, insert joke about my taste in women. I’m a huge fan of the films and this mixes said films with my ever growing love of survival horror.


y: the last man4. Y, The Last Man Series

When I’m not reading comics, I read comics some more. It’s a problem really. This is my current side-relationship. I don’t know why it took me so long to get into this series, because it’s incredible. Don’t make my mistakes, read this book.


hot-toys-little-groot35.Little Groot by Hot Toys

This one wasn’t going to make my list because I wanted to diversify my list. That didn’t happen really, so here you go. It’s also cheating because it doesn’t come out until January, but it’s perfect for those “oops I totally forgot to get you something, it’s a good thing I don’t see you regularly and you are into films and or comics” people in your life.

Here’s Casey’s List:

Being a Geek has never been better, with such great movies and television shows and comics out there; there’s a TON to spend your money on. I wanted to give a broad scope of things to pick up, so here’s my list of some mixed genres.


1. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I haven’t personally read the book, but I watched the film and it quickly shot up to the top of my favorite film lists. I loved everything about it. It was super weird, funny, and very creepy. I know that Flynn wrote the screenplay as well as the book, so I’m sure picking this up for the reader in your family would be a good choice.

2. NECA and Funko

Chris regularly covers all the amazing things that NECA and Funko does on his Toy Chest article and in 2014 they went CRAZY. From Queen Aliens, to classic NES Action Figure Classics, to ReAction toys, Game of Thrones characters, and more. Those two companies BROUGHT IT!

chrome white women

3. Chromeo – White Women

I’ve been listened to Chromeo for more than ten years now, and their fourth studio album was the best thing that I heard this year. Yes, Reel Big Fish had a good one, and D’Angelo, and even Stars; which is also one of my favorite bands. None of those compared to White Women. The album is filled with amazing hits that you will be singing for months and if you get a chance to see them in concert like I did, you will have your brain exploding from fun!


4. The Wolf Among Us – Telltale Games

I have always loved what Telltale Games has done with their adventure games, and though I’m just through the first episode and a bit of the second, I can say that this is going to be my favorite of all the Telltale Games. The story is engaging, the characters are pitch perfect, and my mom subjecting me to Grimm’s fairy tales as a young man has prepared me to finally play in this world. Sorry Gearbox, don’t get me wrong, I love the Pre-Sequel, but Detective Bigby is where it’s at.

saga hardcover

5. Saga Hardcover – Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the brilliant fantasy/epic that is Saga by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples, now is your time. The first 18 issues have been released in Hardcover form for the low price of $30. Like Y: The Last Man, Vaughn has crafted a story that’s completely engaging and just plain HUGE. You won’t go wrong with picking this up for the geek in your life.