In case you didn’t notice, things look a little different here at Don’t Forget a Towel. We’re ushering in a new era for the Body towels cutoutwebsite, and as we go forward towards the great galaxies beyond our solar system; we want all of our faithful Towelites to join in on the adventure.

Throughout this past year we have referred to our time as Phase 2. Much like the Marvel Studio films, it was our second year and we thought it sounded pretty cool. Phase 3 seemed like the logical next step, but then we thought to ourselves, “Why don’t we let the readers decide what to call the next incarnation of our site?”

So, that’s just what we’re gonna do. To celebrate our 2 year anniversary and entering into our third year, we’d like YOU, our Towelites, to decide what to name our next “phase.” We’ll be holding a contest for the best name, and pick what we and the rest of our readers decide sounds the best. We’ll hold this contest for the next two weeks, and if you’re the lucky winner, you’ll be winning a coveted DFAT Swag Bag.

We’re not going to let you in on the exact contents, but prizes could include: DFAT Stickers, Geeky pins, Blu-rays, books, movie passes, and various other pop culture trinkets that will help aid you on your journey through space and time.

We appreciate you coming to the site and taking the time to explore what we do and can’t wait for you to continue with us as we get bigger and better as time goes on. So, sound off your best ideas in the comments, comment on the DFAT Facebook, or Tweet Us on Twitter! Prepare yourself for the unexpected, and as always, Don’t Forget a Towel!

UPDATE!! We are extending the contest to run through October 1st! We will then announce the winner and the new name LIVE from New York City Comic Con!! 


~ The DFAT Crew