PAX East is in full effect and DFAT is going to be live and center in the midst of the biggest Gaming Convention on the East Coast! Our own, Myrrick, will be reporting from the showroom and updating us throughout the weekend and next week from all that she gets her geeky gaming hands on!

In case you couldn’t tell from her pseudonym, Myrrick is a HUGE Mass Effect fan, so expect to see lots of coverage on Bioware and even photos from the Mass Effect Cosplay show. We have interviews lined up with a ton of Indie Developers including: FibreTiger, Rooster Teeth and more! We also have some things up our sleeves that are sure to surprise any big gaming fans!

So Stay Tuned as we Tweet #DFATPAX, and follow us on @DFATowel and keep checking the website and Facebook for updates as well!