Towelites! Are you ready for another AWESOME year at New York Comic Con?! We here at DFAT are, and to celebrate our 3rd Annual adventure into the great world of geek and also DFAT’s Phase 2, we are going to award one lucky Towelite with what we are calling the NYCC 2013 DFAT Swag Bag! So how do you win said Swag Bag you may ask? Well faithful readers, all you have to do is follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter and be the first to Facebook Us or  Tweet us  with the following hashtag: #DFATNYCC2013, during the NYCC 2013 floor hours and we will answer you back on where to meet up with us, and YOU will be the winner of ALL of following Geekly goodness:


-Meet and greet with Chaz and CynicNerd at NYCC 2013

Justice League: Doom animated movie digital download code (Expires 10/31/13)

-LEGO Thor and Loki Minifigures

Tai Chi Hero and Sadako on  Blu-ray 

-NYCC 2011 Exclusive Adventure Time Finn

Snowshark on DVD

Captain America “The Man With No Face” by Ed Brubaker, hardcover edition  (collects Captain America V5 #43-#48)

-Official Towelite “Don’t Panic” button/pin (from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

-DFAT stickers 

-DFAT magnet (sorry no pic, currently in production)


We can’t wait to meet you and give you an intergalactic High-Five and a Swag Bag filled with many great Geekly Gifts! If we’ve given away the bag, we would still wanna meet up and we have a limited amount of Official Towelite Magnets and DFAT Stickers to giveaway TO YOU! Make sure to contact us PRIOR to the event, on what day you can meet us! See you at NYCC!

~Chaz and CynicNerd

DFAT Phase 2 Banner

Chaz and CynicNerd at NYCC 2012