Well Towelites we made it through Day One of NYCC 2013! This year being our third year in attendance we were excited to see what has changed and what issues Reed POP has listened to the fans on. Listen I am a big fan of anime, but it has its place at its own con. Last year we found it was overpopulated with a clash of too many genres and the panels were ill spread. Come 2013 we see a big change, and its for the good. Thursdays are always my favorite as there is less of a crowd and you are also guaranteed to get your hands on your most wanted exclusive! So come walk the floors with us as we begin with our coverage as DFAT Goes to NYCC Day One!



Artist Alley is back and it’s just as good as it was last year. A lot of talent line the man-made “alleys” in the North Pavillion. Where you can meet your favorite comic book artist or sometimes writer, and some of the best upcoming talent around. Highlights this year are David Finch, Rob Liefeld, Cliff Chiang, Dave Dorman, Georges Jeanty, and many, many more! Artist Alley is the place to get some original prints and even some original sketches from your favorite artists! My favorites are the sketch books, sometimes the artist will do a quick sketch for you in them!


On the Opposite side of the build lies The Block where you can find some of the most unusual and original products. Ranging from eye glasses frames made of wood to recycled metal art to a car with machine guns built into it. No joke. The car is from an upcoming TV show called Hollywood Chop Shop. The Block is a cool place for great new talent to emerge onto the big scene, putting their projects in front of thousands of people. Then there’s the Main Floor


Trust me, the picture above is pre-show hours, once open that floor is a sea of geek! The best of entertainment, the best in collectibles, the best in geek apparel, and all the great exclusives. This is one of the magical parts of Comic Con, imersing yourself into the madness of wading through people to check out the latest and upcoming products from companies like Marvel, DC, Image, Diamond Select Toys, Square Enix, Mega-Blocks, and the list goes on. Also amidst these giants are booths filled with independent comic shops and toy dealers. This is the place to find that figure your collection has been missing or that comic you missed, and need to finish the set. There is a huge portion of the main floor also dedicated to video games, where you can play games that haven’t even come out yet! Nintendo has a huge presence this year, but what I am really looking forward to is the IGN Panel on Friday, where we will probably be privy to some new insight to the PS4 and XBOX One. This year, UbiSoft is showing off the latest installment of its Assassin’s Creed series as it takes to the high seas and gives you a pirate’s life, in Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag. Tomorrow we will be dedicating more time to the great past time, so look for a report on that coming up! The exclusives went fast this year as I heard there wasn’t a limit at some booths, which I am really against. Expect that all of them will be gone sometime early tomorrow.


The highlight of today? We got to see a special screening of Zero Charisma courtesy of Tribeca Films and Nerdist Industries. Look for Chaz’s coverage of the screening and panel today on DFAT. So it was a fun day, and tomorrow is filled with some great panels and more coverage coming your way as we wade through NYCC Day Two! Still no takers on that Swag Bag, it’s got some great items so come on Towelites hit us up on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag: #DFATNYCC2013 and you will win everything here!

Stay tooned 😛