What do you do on your least favorite day of NYCC? Stay out of the sea of people, and that’s what we did. I always find that Saturdays are really the best day to tackle as many panels as possible. The thing about this is that sometimes you have to get in line right away and wait, and wait, AND WAIT! But something great happened that I hope stays the norm at the convention, not standing in line for a gross amount of time. The panels that we hit up today all happened on the Empire Stage, 1-E, NYCC made this their secondary main stage and it really worked. What else did the convention do right this year? They schedule big panels at the same time, making geeks and nerds alike have to choose what they would RATHER do.

The day started off getting in line, well actually the day started off with me really finding out how much Mattel cared about their DC Universe Classics line, and it’s not that much. Nor do they give a crap about the fans who actually bought the product and made the sub possible, so of course they are just going to release the remaining figures “day-of” and when they are gone they are gone. No consideration for the people who actually cared, no special preference. Good luck finding that Doomsday after SDCC next year and Mattel its really disappointing  if you think this is a good strategy and fair to those who supported the CIE Sub. Look for my recap of Mattel’s “offerings” for the upcoming year tomorrow on DFAT.



Back to the panels, besides the great Cosplay today, the panels were where it was at for the day! We attended Once Upon a Time, Star Wars Rebels (recap later today), Marvel’s Cup ‘o Joe, The New 52, and John Barrowman. I will be writing up a big round-up of all the Marvel and DC news from NYCC this week so keep and eye out on my reactions to what is coming up. Once Upon a Time panel only reinforced my interest in the show and I really need to watch the first episode of Wonderland and get caught up with the original on Netflix! John Barrowman was like going to a comedy show, I love the guy. He is a great proponent for gay equality and I love how much he shares what he believes. It was great to hear stories from his experiences on the set of Doctor Who and Torchwood, but was a little disappointing that he didn’t get to talk about Arrow much, which was kind of surprising. Truly the highlight of the day, Barrowman was well worth the 5 hours we spent inside room 1-E.



Sunday is kids’ day, another crowded day, we have an interview with artist Joe Simko, who was the creator of the Garbage Pal Kids, we are planning on hitting up the Defiance panel and the X-Files reunion panel, which I am really excited to see!

Stay tooned 😛