So Day Two quickly flew by, always so much to see and do! Friday is the first full day of NYCC, since Thursday is more of a half day. It is also busier as we approach the craziest day of the weekend, Saturday. Today was a lot of fun, we got in on some great panels, talked with a couple great companies, and explored the floor.


Started the day off strong with an interview with Zach Oat and Diamond Select Toys. They have an awesome looking Aliens Minimates collection coming soon. This is the highlight of the upcoming Minimates that we could actually show you, but if you are a big fan of this format then get ready for both Sin City and Pulp Fiction Minimates coming your way soon. DST is also going to release Sin City figures in the 6 inch scale, in both color and B&W variants. Also look for Thief of Thieves Minimates from Robert Kirkman‘s comic of the same name. Of course there will be more Marvel sets as we push towards set #60. What an amazing fact that these figures have been around for so long and they keep making more of them. I think it’s pretty amazing that they are able to make such obscure characters and the toys keep selling! DST has also acquired the rights to Godzilla, no not the new movie, they will be releasing products  based on all of the Toho movies! Look for our coverage from the booth and the interview with Zach Oat.

DC Comics went all out this year for Superman’s 75th Anniversary. On display were all the costumes from all the Superman movies and Smallville. I’m really looking forward to next year when its Batman turn!





Square Enix has been putting out some really great collector action figures in their Play Arts Kai series, and once again this year their display was top-notch. They have some great new additions to the series including a figure of the NEW Robocop from the upcoming reboot, both Assassin’s Creed 3 and 4 figures, Man of Steel, and more! Also on display were all of the Anime variants of everyone’s’ favorite DC Comics characters. These feature the classic characters dressed up in armor and armed to the teeth, including two Batmen who are carrying swords. Even though the Aliens Colonial Marines video game was a disappointment to some, the Aliens that they are releasing are pretty cool. Take a look at the gallery below for some of the best action figures made to date!

Highlights of the day for panels were:

-The 25th Anniversary of Chucky (look for Chaz’s recap today)

-Justice League War


-True Blood

-Whedon Comics

The Block is great this year, we will be doing an entire article covering these independent artists and the cool stuff they have created. This should always be your first stop when hitting the floor, these up-and-coming artists are what this show is really about, recognizing the talent of the little guys! Here is an example of the unique things you will find on the floor.

Look for our coverage round-up this week on DFAT as we take a look at the best of the best of what’s coming out in the world of Geek. Not looking forward to Saturday, not that we don’t have fun, it’s just the craziest day of them all as we have to wade through the sea of geek. Look for our coverage of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., John Barrowman Q&A, Arkham Origins, and more!

Stay tooned 😛