Hey Towelites! Recently I had the opportunity to talk with actor Jedidiah Goodacre (hit the jump to check out his IMDB profile) whose resume includes films such as:  Way of the Wicked, Restless Virgins, and Disney’s Zapped. Disney DescendantsHe will also have parts in these upcoming films: Tomorrowland, Monster Trucks, and Disney’s Descendants. 

The latter which is a live-action endeavor starring the children of some of the Mouse House’s most iconic heritage characters. Jedidiah will be playing Chad Charming, I’m sure you can guess whose kid he is! Being avid fans of most things Disney, I find the concept of the Descendants to be pretty interesting and I am really looking forward to checking it out next year!

Jedidiah’s career may just be at it’s beginning, but this promising star already has some great projects under his belt, along with working with the industry’s top talent! He has starred alongside some famous names including Christian Slater, Danny Glover, and Rob Lowe. Tomorrowland is directed by Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol), so you know we here at DFAT are really looking forward to it! SO what was it that got Jedidiah into acting? It was the realization that in life, you have to do something that makes you happy. So let’s find out more about Jedidiah, shall we?!

DFAT: Tell us what really got you into acting and why it was the clear choice for your career and future?

JG: I first watched Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and was obsessed with Jim Carrey. After years of not wanting to do conventional schooling and being a constant class clown, I decided to take my passion for story telling to the next level – reality. Ace Ventura

DFAT: Who was the first big actor/actress you worked with? What can you tell us about the experience and anything you may have learned.

JG: On my first project, “Restless Virgins”, I worked with Charlie Carver. He’s a great guy all around. I learned from him how to handle myself on set, how to be professional, and I might have picked up a little of his swagger. Also, I worked with Zendaya on “Zapped”. She is an amazing young talent and she is an inspiration to me to do anything I want in life, even if that means doing many things, and taking my passions to their extremes

DFAT: Tell us about your upcoming role in Disney’s Descendants. We are big fans of Disney and it is interesting to see stories like this take shape. One of our favorite games is Kingdom Hearts, so anything that expands the mythology really interests us and our readers.

JG: I play the character Chad Charming. I am, of course, a charming, handsome young boy, with his head in the clouds all too often. I inherited the charm but not the brains; schoolwork is not my specialty. I always think that I am doing the right thing, when sometimes I am not smart enough to understand I am dead wrong. In the end, cooler heads prevail we end up working together. I am kind of the simple, happy-go-lucky guy that things do and don’t go my way. Sometimes I am used as a commodity by the other characters. I am best friends with Ben, the son of Beast, and we have grown up together, him – a king (power), me – a prince (money). I am a little like the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz.

DFAT: Who is your favorite Disney Character?

Simba The Lion kingJG: My favourite Disney character is Simba. I am a fierce lover of all animals and the story of a boy having to grow into a man and fight for what is right and to save others has always struck a chord in me. Oh, and “I jusstt can’t wait to be kiiiing!”

DFAT: Out of the two major Disney franchises, Star Wars or Marvel, which would you love to be involved with? and why?

JG: I would love to be involved in either. I would love Star Wars because I could maybe be a ‘Jedi’ (hehe). But I would definitely choose a Marvel hero, The Hulk, for sure! I have always dreamed of having the power to explode out of my skin and leap for miles, and to be indestructible. Also, green is my favourite colour.

Drive Ryan GoslingDFAT: What is your favorite movie of all time? What character of movies’ past could you see yourself portraying and why?

JG: My favourite movie ever is Drive. Ryan Gosling changed the way I looked at ‘cool’. He didn’t have to say a word and he was the coolest most powerful dude in the room. I would love to work on a project in the same genre and scope of subtlety. I could see myself doing an Ace Ventura remake or any Jim Carrey movie. Also, any roles where I turn out to be the bad guy in the end – this is just something that peaks my personal curiosity.

DFAT: Who do you look up to the most in your life? and why?

JG: I look up to my brother and my father the most. They are both great examples of great men. They taught me how to work hard, work smart, and live well and healthy; they also don’t take themselves too seriously – something I still need to work on, ha. Growing up in their shadows has helped grow into the man I am on my way to be. I couldn’t ask for two better roles models.

Thank you Jedidiah for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us! Good luck to you in the future! Disney’s Descendants has just finished shooting, so look for it sometime in 2015!