Dave Zani is following the lead of B-filmmakers Roger Corman and Jim Wynorski, and his two new films Shark Babes and Scared Topless attest to that.

DFAT: How did you get started with producing?

Dave Zani: Being creative and trying to use that as a tool to forge my way in the world has been a theme in my life  as far back as I remember.  Using visual mediums to tell a story, entertain people and provide en escape for both myself and the audience, I have been doing for ages.  I made these films because it was an opportunity to make a low budget film and get it out there for people to see on Cable TV, streaming and on DVD! It was the next step in my career from working on someone else’s project to helming my own.

DFAT: What was the most challenging thing about being a newcomer in the feature film industry?

Dave Zani: I would say the initial kick to get everything going, to make that jump of actually leaving my full time job at Rockstar Games and saying “OK, let’s do this for real” once you push yourself off the cliff, thankfully the wind carries you.

DFAT: To what do you attribute your success with these two new titles?

Dave Zani: I would say the time-tested formula created by guys like Roger Corman and Jim Wynorski – sex appeal, fun story, a  hint of mystery –  these are the things people want to see when they escape with a film!

DFAT: How do you come up with ideas?

Dave Zani: I have a mad-scientist laboratory,  far off in a castle,  where I conduct all of my research and idea development. 🙂

DFAT: Anything or anyone serve as inspiration for the movies?

Dave Zani: It was my shot at making an older style B-movie in the modern age.  If not for Roger Corman, you would not have films like this!

DFAT: Who are your favorite producers?

Dave Zani: I really admire guys like Walt Disney, Jim Henson, Roger Corman, George Lucas, Paul Hertzberg,  Mike Judge, Trey Parker,  Jim Wynorski and William Castle.

DFAT: What would be your advice to new producers?

Dave Zani: To never give up. If you have an idea, treat this idea like a small seed and you have a garden.  So you need to plant this seed with care, you need to give it the attention and focus it needs – sunlight and water, proper soil. Over time you will see a small sprout and that is the moment that makes it all worth it.  

DFAT: Think we’ll see sequels to these two films?

Dave Zani: Maybe! But it is not currently scheduled for production.  Right now my company, Old Mill Entertainment, is developing a wonderful animated piece – a sort of modern mythology with my own twist! more coming on that soon!

DFAT: What are your long term goals?

Dave Zani: To look back and have a career were I made a lot of cool things, my own things. If I entertained people and gave them a sense of escape with my work. If I am able to reach out and touch people, even if only in a goofy way with something like Scared Topless, and make them forget about the woes of the world for 80 minutes –  to continue to do that will make me a happy person.

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