A Christmas Story star Zack Ward changes gears with Restoration, a horror-thriller (released May 3 on Demand) about a couple who, while renovating their house, find a diary hidden in the walls, lost for 30 years. Opening the book releases the ghost of a child that haunts their dreams and waking life, driving them to find the cause of her death and release her soul. Zack co-stars in the film but his chief job on the film was directing it.

Casey: What’s Restoration?


  • Restoration is an amazing hardware store
  • The process of refurbishing your house to its original grandeur

C is the correct answer. Restoration is a Supernatural suspense thriller with a mind jarring twist filled with amazing performances and beautiful camera work, leaning towards the classics of the genre but keeping true to the values and intelligence of a modern audience.

Casey: How much is the house a character in the movie and does he/she overshadow the actors at any time during the movie? Furthermore, how big was the house’s trailer?

Zack: The house character is a buzzard circling above a picnic where the happy family doesn’t know they’ve just been poisoned and only have minutes to live. I never let the house overshadow the actors, just sent her off to craft service by telling her there was a “Paleo Plate”. You know these diva houses, always so insecure about their weight. “Oh my God, my gutters look so fat”. Yeesh!

Her trailer? Not as big as you’d think. She’s really petite under all that make up and prosthetics. She stayed in a van, down by the river.

Casey: Can we expect a lot of gruesome deaths in the movie?

Zack: You can expect the greatest experience of your life, to have your mind blown on such a cosmic level that you reach enlightenment and orgasm in one single breath, sucking in the universe and exhaling God!

As to deaths? Yes, there are deaths. The kind of which have never been done before in film of any kind. But more importantly, are they relevant and do they have impact?

Fuck yes.

They will make you “grow a pair” of whatever you are missing between your legs, stand up to life and take charge of your own destiny!

Casey: At any time did you consider starring in the movie?

Zack: No. I was wearing way too many hats as it was and strongly suspected that I would have made the shooting process more difficult. Perhaps in the future, when I have more prep time. But the movie comes first, always. Not my ego.

Casey: The film is releasing on VOD.  If audiences feel the urge to take a toilet break at any time during the movie.. when do you think that should be?

Zack: Before the movie starts, or the scene at the end when the credits are rolling down the screen. Or just wear a diaper and tell your friends you’re training to be an astronaut because you want to go to Mars. Then everyone will think you’re the coolest and like you and give you free money and sex with the people you find most attractive. All because of Restoration and Zack Ward. You’re welcome.

RESTORATION-Key Art Final_Hi Res