We recently spoke with Eric Troop, creator of Horror film, Deadly Famous. The film is taking the indie scene by storm, and a lot of that buzz has to do with one of the stars of the film, Jackie Moore. We had the good fortune to speak with the actress and you can read the interview below.

New Jersey-born Jackie Moore talks about her latest movie, Deadly Famous – the story of a former child star who’ll do anything to reclaim his place at the top of the acting food chain.

DFAT: What’s Deadly Famous refer to?

jackiemoore4Jackie: In my opinion the title refers to the cost of fame, or how Alan Miller would kill to be famous.

DFAT: Sounds like its quite realistic then?

Jackie:As sad as it is to say, I do believe there’s some truth in this movie. There are crazy people everywhere, but Los Angeles seems to attract the most.

DFAT: Acting must be a hard gig…

Jackie: It’s tough, but if it’s what you want you can’t give up. Every job has their ups and downs, the hardest is part of acting is that we are the product that’s being sold.

DFAT: What kind of genre do you prefer to work in?

Jackie: It varies. At this point in my life I’m just happy to work.

DFAT: Where does this part rank amongst your faves?

Jackie: Pamela is definitely one of my favorites. Every part I’ve played is a favorite of mine because it’s a part of my life, and I will always be grateful for those memories.

DFAT: Think we’ll see you in any more horror movies?

Jackie: I love horror movies! As long as the story’s good, I’m in.