Welcome to another edition of DFAT interviews! I had the chance to chat with actor Josh Cruddas who can currently be seen in Netflix’s original movie, “Polar”. Born in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Josh is a talented actor and award-winning film music composer. An exciting year full of murder and mystery, this east coast rising star is bursting onto the Hollywood scene in 2019. Josh is well-recognized for his starring role alongside Peter Fonda and Lucy Boynton in the Warner Bros.’ American civil war epic feature COPPERHEAD, for which he was nominated for an ACTRA Award for Best Actor in a Feature Film. He has appeared in various films such as HOW IT ENDS and THE EDUCATION OF FREDERICK FITZELL opposite Dylan O-Brien. He has also appeared in various series such as Fox’s “11/22/63”, CBC’s “Murdoch Mysteries”, Global’s “Private Eyes” and “Rookie Blue”, HBO Canada’s “Call Me Fitz” and The CW’s “Reign”. Up next Josh can be seen in YouTube Premium’s “Wayne” and IFC/CBC’s “Baroness Von Sketch Show”. Check out the interview below! 

 DFAT: Hi Josh! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with me! I really enjoyed “Polar” and am even more excited to talk with you about it, so let’s do this!

Josh: Thanks for having me!

DFAT: My pleasure! At the age of 6 you were Canada’s youngest radio host, tell us a little bit about those experiences and how it lead you to where you are today.

Photo Cred: Tina Picard

Josh: I was fascinated by radio and media in general as a kid. I would use a tape deck and record hours of songs, advertisements and commentary – my own little radio shows. My incredible mom realized that most of the stuff on the real radio wasn’t exactly appropriate for a six-year-old, so she, with the support of my dad, managed to convince some bright minds at Dalhousie University’s radio station, CKDU, to let us host a Thursday-afternoon radio show for kids! We got to interview folks like Raffi, Fred Penner, Kenneth Oppel and got a lot of national attention because nobody thought some little first-grade ginger would know how to use a control board and guide listeners through a children’s musical journey. Turns out I peaked at age six. But certainly those experiences helped me navigate the world I live in today, and my parents and sisters have been just as supportive ever since. I ended up attending the same university that I did the show for all those years, so that was a cool full-circle moment.

DFAT: That sounds like it was a great opportunity for your future career, not to mention a ton of fun! You’ve worked in a good number of productions from “11/22/63” to “Reign” to “Copperhead” and more, do you have a preference when it comes to acting in a TV series versus a movie?

Josh: I don’t think I have a real preference! TV and film are moving closer and closer together in terms of the quality of storytelling, and I’m just always grateful to have a job, and to be part of a good story, wherever it gets seen!

DFAT: I absolutely agree that the mediums are merging and I think the way we can flesh out stories on TV/Streaming is strengthening the industry. Speaking of TV and streaming, I really enjoyed “Polar”, how was working on the Netflix production and what can you tell us about your role in the film?

Josh: Glad you enjoyed the movie! Polar was a blast to film, and I miss working with everyone involved in it. Alexei is a quiet, deadly assassin who knows how to do his job with a bit of style and attitude. Jonas and his brilliant team of women and men really made something unique and special and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.

DFAT: Glad you were too! We are big soundtrack fans here at Don’t Forget a Towel, tell us about your work as a composer and your achievements so far.

Josh: Cool, thanks! I was lucky to have an amazing piano teacher named Diane Krochko who really let me be creative when I was first learning as a kid. Then, I met Simon Hung, who was just finishing his studies at NYFA in LA when I was just starting to get into composing. We’ve been working together ever since, and through him, I got some confidence and contacts and eyes & ears on my work, which has led me to do a more few movies. My last movie soundtrack was named best score by a young Canadian by SOCAN, so that was an incredible honour.

DFAT: Congrats! I urge all of our music-loving readers out there to check out Josh’s composition work as well! Switching gears completely, I hear that you are a fan of sauces. Where does this passion stem from and what is your all-time favorite?

Josh: (Laughs) I am a huge fan of sauces! At any given time I have like 12 in my fridge, which my roommate and friends roast me about constantly. I think my favourite is a simple plum sauce though, perfect for dipping chicken fingers in. I really haven’t grown up much since age six.

DFAT: Have any of us really? Here’s a standard DFAT interview question we ask everyone we talk to, if you could be ANY superhero/villain, who would you be and why?

Photo Cred: Tina Picard

Josh: Hmm, good question. Can I make up my own? I’d probably be a superhero who tries to do things that need to be done in the world: getting rid of social media, implementing strict gun control, making it impossible for politicians to lie, creating awareness of climate change, bringing Indigenous voices and culture back to the table, and lifting as many families as possible out of poverty. We’re at a pivotal time in world history right now, and we have some insidious people in Canada and in the states who are fanning the flames of fear and misinformation to try to convince us to turn our backs on our most human of instincts – empathy for one another – so they can take power and make money. Compassion for other human beings (and the earth) is slowly being pushed out the door. We need to keep it here while we still can.

DFAT: Best. Answer. Ever. I totally agree with your sentiments and hope that more and more will stand up for our future. What other projects do you have coming up in 2019?  

Josh: I have a few, but I’m not allowed to talk about much of them! I’m very excited to take on an iconic literary character in one project and to work with one of my favourite actors from Game of Thrones in another. I also get to play a vampire for the first time in a film this Summer, which will make good use of my pale complexion and questionable hairline.

DFAT: Well we’ll keep our eyes peeled and look forward to hearing about those projects! Finally today, any tips to share with the future generation of talent out there?

Josh: I’m still looking for advice myself! But I guess I would say to make sure you have other interests and loves besides acting. You can’t believably play the role of another human being if you don’t know how to be a human yourself! Learning lines and running to auditions isn’t real life. Find other things to care about and watch your work get better. And if you get a voice that people listen to, use it for good!

Many, many thanks to Josh for chatting with us! Catch Josh in ‘Cardinal’ and ‘Polar’, both out now on their respective streaming services.

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