We had the awesome opportunity to speak with Natalie Malaika on her eclectic and geekly projects. She’s been a part of Charmed, The Good Witch, and most recently has been featured on Fractured now on Netflix and the upcoming The Color Rose. With such an rich background on TV and in film, we knew she’d have some great stories to share. Find out more about this prolific actress below.

DFAT: It seems that from a young age you knew that you were destined to perform, from Charmed to Good Witch, and most recently in Fractured and The Color Rose, could you ever imagine you’d be involved in so many eclectic projects?

Photo credit: Rashelle Campbell

NM: That was the goal! I definitely feel fortunate to have worked on an array of productions thus far in my career, in roles that are all vastly different from one another, yet challenging, rewarding and impactful in their own ways. That’s part of the thrill and what draws me to being an actor!

DFAT: Its truly amazing that you’ve been given those opportunities to try out so many different productions. Now, for your role on Charmed, did you watch the original show when it was first on or did you go into it fresh?

NM: I didn’t, but I did get into watching the remake prior to my role. I do want to watch the original Charmed at some point though; it’s on my list! My very long list of tv shows and films I want to watch. I’m chipping away at it [laughs].

DFAT: You’re telling me. The list never ends!What was it like to be on set and working with the cast and crew?

NM: It was great! The cast and crew were kind and professional, and everything flowed so smoothly on set, it was incredible. They have a really great team working on the show!

DFAT: That’s great that you were part of show where everyone is like that. It’s not always the case on some of these bigger shows. Given the time that you spent with everyone, have you ever considered what it would be like to have witch-y powers yourself?

NM: Absolutely, I’m waiting for the day when teleportation is a reality! Can you imagine how much time that would save? I also wanted to have witch-y powers so badly after I watched the movie “Matilda” as a kid. I used to “cast spells” to change traffic lights from red to green, and when it changed I was so convinced it was because of my spell [laughs]. Oh to be a kid again, am I right? [laughs].

DFAT: No joke, I’ve read that book numerous times as a kid because I forgot that I had read it, and then I’d get halfway through and remember. At that point I was already invested and would read it again! Let’s switch gears and talk about your work on Fractured. Director Brad Anderson tends to make movies that are…offsetting at times with The Machinist and Session 9 especially, did the vibe feel as tense and scary as the movies are?

NM: I mean, certain scenes were high intensity, high stakes and you can most certainly feel that when you watch the film. I think everyone immersed themselves and understood the stakes in those particular scenes, so it could definitely feel real at times. But overall it was a fun set!

Photo credit: Rashelle Campbell

DFAT: I’m glad that you were able to have fun despite the intensity! The Color Rose sounds like a crazy spooky ride as well, involving girls acting out the 7 deadly sins, how’d you get involved in that movie?

NM: When I got the audition from my agent, it was described as a Pretty Little Liars-esque type film and that instantly caught my attention because I loved that show! So I prepared the audition material and submitted a tape. Then, maybe a few weeks later I got an in-person callback audition which went well and I ended up booking the role a few days later.

DFAT: Sounds like the role was meant to be yours then. If you had to pick one sin to identify with, what would it be?

NM: Lust. Who doesn’t have a little lusty side [laughs]. But I’m also a somewhat prideful person, so maybe an eighth sin that combines the two? Pr-ust?

DFAT: Hahaha. Yes, let’s go with ‘Prust’. I love it! What would be a dream role for you?

NM: There are a few dream roles that I hope to play at some point in my career! It’s so hard to name just one. I would love to play a bad-ass assassin like Zoe Saldana in Colombiana, a witch or werewolf, a vampire would be cool. I think the ultimate would be some sort of superhero. We need more bad-ass female superheroes!

DFAT: Could not agree more. I could certainly see you in that type of role, heck, any of the ones you mentioned. Maybe a vampire superhero! What advice do you give to other young women of color looking to make their way into acting?

NM: Keep on pushing! Our stories matter. Our representation matters. Some days you may feel discouraged or frustrated, but never let that stop you from fighting for your dreams. We’re beginning to see more stories about women and people of colour in general and their experiences, and that’s incredibly important. You want to be part of that narrative and part of telling those stories, so don’t give up!

Amazing words from an amazing woman out there making her way in the world of film and television. Thanks so much to Natalie for taking the time to speak with us today. She can be seen in the Netflix thriller Fractured alongside Sam Worthington, and in Neon Cinema FilmsThe Color Rose. Make sure to check out those great movies and follow Natalie on all the social media @nataliemalaika and IMDB to keep up with her awesome roles!