We had the good fortune of sitting down with Eric Troop, director of Deadly Famous, to talk about this auspicious new project. Eric Troop and Jim Lane’s Deadly Famous tells of an actor who’ll do anything – yes, anything – to reclaim fame. You can check out the movie now on VOD via Indican Pictures.

DFAT: When did the idea for the movie come up – and how?

Eric: A few years ago I had a horrific relationship with a woman that turned out to be an actress. She would do anything to get a part. I was pointing out that there was a killer out there chopping IMG_8611actresses heads off. He was meeting them on Craig’s list. They found body parts in the Hollywood Hills. Never found who did it.

Jim and I connected the dots.

DFAT: What was it about this particular story that appealed to you?

Eric: I felt that we could tell this story in a compelling way that would stand the test of time. Maybe turn into a classic cult film. The character we created is very memorable. Also, Jim and I have a dark twisted sense of humour.

DFAT: Did you read up on missing persons cases beforehand? Study that at all?

Eric: Yes, as I said earlier, this is based on true events.

DFAT: That’s an amazing house the film takes place in. Where was it?

Thanks, that’s my house in Laurel Canyon. It’s about 100 yards from Jim Morrison’s place.

DFAT: Do you read everything you see online about the film? How much do reviews mean to most horror filmmakers?

Eric: I have read a bunch that have come my way. I am blown away how much people appreciate this film. I worked very hard on it, and it feels great to know we are finding our audience.

DFAT: What’s the rollout plan – VOD first then DVD?

Eric: Yes, then LSD.

Isn’t the answer “42”

Thanks again to Eric for chatting with us about Deadly Famous. You can check out the movie on Amazon by clicking HERE.