I’ve always been a fan of fighting games, though I’ll admit I’m not very good. Growing up I was fortunate to see the evolution of the genre and it’s amazing how things have changed. What I love most of all when it comes to video games is a good homage to titles of yesterday, especially when a company goes with a classic build like the makers of Fantasy Strike have decided to do. Most of all it’s the accessibility of this game that impresses me, easy enough for new players while at the same time offering the depth and advanced mechanics that even veterans will enjoy. Fantasy Strike was created by the lead designer of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, David Sirlin and his company Sirlin Games and you can see those classic Street Fighter influences throughout the playing experience.

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There are ten characters in Fantasy Strike’s colorful stable. Ranging from your usual swordsman to a gambling panda, you shouldn’t have any issues finding a favorite. What I really liked about this game, is the way that the menu separates the characters based on their fighting style; which allows you to make a sound decision on which fighter to choose. The number of color schemes available for each character is pretty nice as I do like being able to customize my fighter to look at little different. Another great feature this game offers is training videos for each character to help you learn their moves and style, this is truly appreciated.

Fantasy Strike delivers a variety of single-player modes, including Arcade Mode, four Survival Modes, Daily Challenges, and an impressive Boss Rush mode where players build a deck of power-ups against increasingly powerful AI bosses. When it comes to online features, Fantasy Strike knocks this one out of the arena! The online play system features one-click challenges from the in-game friends menu, as well as one-click spectating of any friend. The Ranked Mode uses built-on-the-fly tournaments and a team battle system that I’ve never seen before (it’s designed to create the most variety in character match-ups).

The graphics in this game are pretty good and can be pretty dynamic at times, especially when it comes to special/super moves. The backgrounds are a little bland, and while they do offer some interesting animations, I feel that there could have been more depth added and maybe even some environmental interactions to make play a little more interesting.

I recently got a Nintendo Switch so I have been busy discovering all of the great games offered for the system, and that includes Fantasy Strike. Whether you are plugged into your TV or on the go, this game offers a ton of fun modes to spend your morning commute or break at work playing. It’s not going to set any new standards for the genre but what Fantasy Strike does is deliver a solid experience for those of us who loved the fighting games we used to gather around the old machines at the arcades for. From beginners to veterans, I think that everyone will find something they really enjoy about this game. Check out my scores below and there’s also a direct link to the Nintendo E-Shop where you can pick up the game digitally for about $30 dollars. 

*A copy of Fantasy Strike was provided for this review