Sometimes you need a game that you aren’t super dedicated to and can pick up from time-to-time. A game that’s satisfying whether you play it for five minutes or thirty. Enter Mononoke Showdown! The latest from Arc System Works takes hack and slash mechanics and delivers a fun and entertaining game.

You progress through the game by playing through different chapters and each one has a slew of challenges that must be completed prior to moving on. Like I mentioned earlier, this game is wonderful due to its quick fights and the ability to complete a task and then go on about your day. Mononoke Slashdown is the perfect game for the Nintendo Switch. Each level has a challenging boss and I really enjoyed fighting them. Each has it’s own pattern to learn and trust me, it is challenging at times to defeat them.

The graphics are a great throwback to the gaming days of yesteryear and I love that we live in a time where companies are taking these style of games/graphics and making “newer” ones with amazing mechanics. The music puts you in the mood to slay some evil samurai and it is well paced and exciting throughout the various stages.

Mononoke Slashdown is well worth the 7 bucks. Even with such a simple button setup and premise I had a ton of fun playing it. If you’re looking for a good game on the go for your Nintendo Switch head on over to the Nintendo E-Shop (link below) and pick up this title now!

*DFAT was provided with a review code for this game