Monster Hunter has always been one of those games that interested me, but never truly decided to dive into. Maybe it was because the demos confused the hell out of me or maybe due to the fact that every time I tried the game it was always on the DS. Don’t get me wrong I love my DS and the numerous games I have on it, BUT fighting and navigating in a Monster Hunter game on the DS felt like a giant pain in the ass.

So after reading on how epic Monster Hunter World is supposed to be and watching some BETA game play videos I decided to say “F*** IT” and give it a whirl.  Now, almost 45 hours in, I don’t regret a damn second of my decision. Even as type this up, I am craving to get back into the world and just grind it out. Even though there is a story, that I haven’t dived into much, the game is giant grind (BUT IN AN EPIC WAY).

The premise is simple: Kill giant monsters that sometimes feel like a Dark Souls battle, skin them, receive their body materials and craft awesome gear. As you get more awesome weapons and armor you do it all over again with harder monsters. Though repetitive, it so much fun. You can fight the same monster over and over again but the adrenaline rush you get fighting it never fades. It’s always an epic battle that feels rewarding every time you win.

One of concepts that keeps the game interesting is the fact that all 14 weapon classes are available right from the start. The game encourages trying all the classes and not only get comfortable with one of them, but also select a couple other secondary weapons to use as backup. All monsters aren’t created equal and sometimes you may need to change up the way you attack in order to defeat one. I’m sure this will come to fruition during end game. Each weapon class has so many evolutions it just encourages and even drives you to take down the same monster numerous times to make sure you get that next version of the weapon.

The game also features massive locales filled with monsters to kill. Each area is unique and a wonder to explore.  So far I’ve explored a giant forest, a desert oasis, a giant pit of death, and even a place that makes you feel like you are in an underwater wonderland. Capcom has done an amazing job with the detail in each area and there are so many paths to get to wherever you are going. Each area never has the same monster as a previous area, minus one Wyvern that I’ve seen in two separate places. The main hub of Asteria is a fantasy wonderland where all your down time will take place.

Along with the numerous monsters you want to kill, the game is also filled with numerous side quests that encourage the grind and keep you entertained. These side quests aren’t only fun, but a necessity if you want to upgrade your armor after it is crafted. The quests include:

  • Investigations:  Hunting or capturing different monsters that not only give you the normal monster drops but also reward you with bonus drops after completion. As you play through the game, numerous investigations will be added and the higher the rating the better the rewards.
  • Bounties:  These quests include gathering items like flora, mining materials, or honey. These even include slaying or capturing certain monsters in the locales as well too. These are mostly done each time you enter a locale and reward you with research points and armor spheres which help you upgrade your crafted armor level.
  • Deliveries: Pretty simple concept. Find the required items in the area. Drop them off and get rewards. Deliveries are normally asked from you as yellow “!” In the main hub map of Asteria.
  • Expeditions:  If your just looking to run around and explore and kill with no endgame. This is the option for you. Expeditions keep it simple. Pick a place you want to go to and run around. Gather whatever and kill whatever.

Monster Hunter World is a gorgeous game full of content, that from what I’m seeing and reading it’s a game that keeps offering even after main scenario is completed (which I haven’t done yet). If you have never played a MH game before, this a wonderful place to start. It is now a series that I want to actually play on my DS now that I understand it. Also, it’s something I feel I will be playing for a long time. This is the best time I’ve had in a game since the Witcher 3. Long story short…. if you want a game worth your 60 bucks this is the game for you, as long as you like killing monsters and crafting amazing gear.

Rating: 5/5

~Mr. Sanchino