Throw me in the middle of a retro action platformer and I couldn’t be more happy. Such is the case with Infinite – Beyond The Mind, published by Blowfish Studios and developed by Emilie COYO. The game takes women who are devoted by war and brings about their special powers to rescue one another from an evil Queen. You go through 16 side-scrolling stages slaying enemy troops, going through intense boos fights, and overcoming waves of soldiers. The game is pretty much action from start to finish, though I will say that the plot is so out there I didn’t keep any of what I typed above in mind as I destroyed the enemies.

IBTM looks adorable in it’s chili-style pixel art and detailed environments. That was one of the main reasons I wanted to review it. I love that style of art in a video game and they did a great job with it. It took me down a nostalgia trip from the games of my youth and I was grinning as I traversed my way through the levels. The game itself as I mentioned before, didn’t really make any sense. I was more just making my way killing different enemies until I came upon a boss battle. Not too different than a Metal Slug or even a more recent, Broforce. What set this game apart was the frenetic gameplay. There was a timer going off in the upper right of the screen and I was determined to make sure I made good time through the level. Also, there truly was WAVES of enemies. Everywhere you turned something else was popping up to try and destroy me. You didn’t let up for a second and that kept me engaged throughout the levels.

The music was fun and just the kind of chip tune you’d expect from a game such as this. It was as fast-moving as the gameplay and I was digging it as it blared out of my Nintendo Switch. Honestly, the Switch was the perfect console for IBTM as you could pick it up and go and then come back to it if you needed to. I really had a fun time with it and though it wasn’t super long, I didn’t need it to be. It was a great ‘palate cleanser’ between a larger RPG or AAA title. Blowfish Studios has another great game on their hands and I can’t wait to see what other indie developers they continue to nourish!

Raised on battlefields in a world devastated by war, two women who share a bond over their special powers fall under the watchful eye of the tyrannical Beljantaur Kingdom. When one is abducted by Queen Evangelyn and her heavily armed forces, the other must spring into action and rescue her friend from captivity by any means necessary.

Battle as Tanya or Olga through 16 side-scrolling stages rife with enemy troops, platforming challenges, and intense boss fights, overcoming waves of enemy soldiers and overcoming environmental challenges while you clear your way across the Beljantaur Kingdom.


  • 16 Side-Scrolling Stages – Make your way across the Beljantaur Kingdom and explore it’s beautiful countryside.

  • A Cute Chibi-Styly Pixel art – Stunning Chibi-Style pixel art with impressively detailed environments.

  • Taking on a literal army! – Take down the Beljantaur Kingdom’s army in a whole host of unique and memorable boss fights.

  • Co-Op Gameplay – Play in both single player as Tanya or Olga or play as both characters in local co-op!

*DFAT was provided a code for the Nintendo Switch to review this game