Year One.  What a perfect way to title Don’t Forget A Towel’s first anniversary.  The first thought that comes to mind when I hear those two syllables, as I’m sure is the same to the majority of you readers, is Frank Miller’s Batman story.  To me though, it’s more then a reference.  It’s a chain of events… or more like a series of interconnections.
Miller’s Batman remains, to this date, possibly one of the best Batman story arcs.  In fact, it might well be one of the best super hero story arcs.  Its dark and dingy version brought a new light to the way stories were told about the characters we called heroes.  It is also the story the first Christopher Nolan Batman, Batman Begins, was based off.  Nolan, who also directed a cool film about dreams within dream, starring Leonardo DiCarpio.  Who also starred in Quentin Tarantino’s amazing Django Unchained.  Did you know that DiCaprio is also producing Akira, the live action version of what can be considered the masterpiece of all japanese animation?
You see the connections I’m going through here?  Movies, anime, sci-fi, comics… they’re all connected.  We live in a world of media, more so then any generation before us.  Video games, books, television, everything… we are surrounded by stories that entertain us, engulf, inspire us and provoke us.
So, when Chaz asked me to join a site that would deliver news, updates, feelings, and thoughts on this exact media… it only took seconds to reply and say, “hell yeah”.  What’s funny is that I haven’t even seen Chaz since college (outside FaceTime that is), yet it is this media that’s somehow kept us in touch all these many years.
Considering my major in school was Film and English, with a focus on Scripts and Creative writing… this was an outlet that for some reason had never crossed my mind; and I’m am extremely happy and grateful to Chaz for giving me this opportunity to be part of this.  And I would like to also thank CynicNerd, who I only know through Chaz (and only through this thing called “the internet”.  Both Chaz and CynicNerd have shown me the ropes, dealt with my mistakes, and helped me be a part of DAFT.  More importantly (as life gets in the way of things sometimes), they have accepted any contributions to the site (as little as they may be) with a smile and gratitude; and for that, I’m extra thankful.
And so, for the past year, I’ve been happy to have brought weekly announcements of what’s new in the world of blu-rays and dvd’s (Tuesday Blu’s Day) – especially when I get to announce a movie I’m excited for.  I’ve brought some news of games, music, shows, books and movies; shared thought on recent releases and old classics; and I was super excited to bring the weekly recaps of one of my all time favorite shows, Game of Thrones (stay tuned next year for season 4 btw).
Best of all, DFAT has shaped a certain personal series in my mind, that I occasionally add to… Generation Pong.  A series of stories that consist of my memories related to video games, that shape who I am – and I believe many of you can probably relate to.  And in a way, that is what DAFT is for… a crossroads of information in relation to all of this media that is shaping us.  Movies, books, games… these are the things that we will look back to 10 years from now and say “damn, that was a good one”.
And so, I’m very fortunate to be part of a site that keeps all you towelites updated with those news.  I’ve seen us grow so much in this past year, that I cannot wait to see what the future holds.  I would like to see more Towelites join us, and follow us.  I hope we can have a more open ear to what it is you want, and how we can bring it to you.  Cause in the end, it’s not just bringing the news that we like to do, but sharing the things we like, with the people who find the same pleasures as we do;  like… that feeling you get when you have a friend watch one of your favorite movies that he has not seen yet, and he ends up loving it just as much as you.  That’s what it is for us to be part of Don’t Forget A Towel.
So… cheers to a great year, and here’s to an even better second one.  Cheers to all the directors, producers, writers, artists, developers, publishers, creators, production staff and every single person in media who makes these wonderful stories come to life.  Cheers to all you readers for loving the stories that come to fruition.   Thank you to all DAFTers for being so supportive of me and of each other.  Special thanks to Chaz and CynicNerd for bringing me into this.  Another thanks for anyone who has read even a single sentence in any of our posts.  And another special thanks to you, since you’re obviously reading this right now!
As we (here at DFAT) try to figure out ways to make you fans get more out of us, I hope you fans don’t hesitate to let us know what it is you might like for us to do and offer!
To end with a bang, I’m super happy that as we arrive to this anniversary I am actually finally getting to read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  Because, it is not only great to be reading one of the best sci-fi books of all time, but to actually be reading what is the name-sake of Don’t Forget A Towel as well.  Coincidence?  I don’t believe in it.
And for those of you who know what I’m talking about… just remember:  A towel is the most useful thing you can bring with you when traveling the universe!