Ah, Valentine’s Day.   A day for love, celebrated the world over.   This is the day that is usually spent at a nice dinner, a show, or something of the like, with the one you love.  Cookie cutter, however, is not for everyone.  So how about some Geekly approaches to the traditional Valentine’s Day activities?

Nothing says “Be Mine” like rotting flesh.  A zombie walk can show the one you love just how much you care.  You can participate in a flash mob or organize your own.  Some of the larger cities even have annual events.  So don your favorite costume, grab your lover’s hand and walk jerkily about your city in search of your dinner – brains.

Looking for a little excitement this Valentine’s Day?  Then head on over to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida for one of the geekiest theme parks out there.  In The Wizarding World of Harry Potter you can stroll down Diagon Alley and share a pint of butterbeer with your sweetie. Earn points with your Valentine by braving the fire breathing dragon to enter the Escape from Gringotts ride.  And why not share some sweets, like Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, on the Hogwarts Express. Harry Potter world

When the Victorian Era meets a post-apocalyptic future, you have an instant recipe for romance.  What am I talking about?  Why Steampunk, of course.  Stop by one of the many Steampunk shops that have sprung up across the US to outfit yourself with the latest in flying goggles, ray guns and parasols.  Then treat your date to an inspired dinner.  Though there are no well-known Steampunk clubs, every major city has an organization that hosts periodic Steampunk events.  There are even restaurants whose gothic architecture and acceptance of your attire, will help to create a truly unique experience.

Slave of the Game Steam Punk

Image courtesy of Slave of the Game Deviant Art

Throw a LARP Party.  Live Action Role Playing games can be the perfect way to woo that special someone.  The Gamemaster can select a romantic Shakespearean or Dark Fairy tale to put everyone in the V-day mood.LARP

Itching for dinner and a show?  Try Jedi Mickey’s STAR WARS Dine at Hollywood & Vine.  Disney’s Hollywood Studios® brings you Jedi Mickey, Princess Leia Minnie, Darth Vader Goofy, Storm Trooper Donald, and the Ewoks Chip ‘n’ Dale in an evening of dining, music and entertainment.  This event does not start until May the 4th, but may be well worth the wait.

Jedi Mickey Star WarsSo remember, your Valentine’s Day celebration does not need to be atypical.  Think outside the box for a romantic and geekly adventure!