Dr. Strange, in his Benedict Cumberbatch likeness, comes to comic shops as Diamond Comic Distributors and Beast Kingdom offer PREVIEWS Exclusive (PX) Egg Attack Action Figures.

Featuring all of his reality-altering glory, this action figure of Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme features a moveable eye mechanism and realistic facial colorings to truly bring this figure to life. One of his many mystical items, the famed Cloak of Levitation, is included; the cloak is removable and intricately colored, with details of the embroidery painstakingly reproduced. Also included are offensive and defensive spell effect accessories, enhancing the figure’s interactivity.

This PREVIEWS Exclusive figure is featured in the February issue of Diamond’s PREVIEWS catalog.  The figure will carry a suggested price of $60.00, and will be available in stores late June 2017.



Fans can pre-order their own Beast Kingdom Egg Attack Action Figure at their local comic book specialty shop to ensure they get this mystical offering.  To find a comic shop near you and order, visit www.comicshoplocator.com.